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Marketing Tools & 55+ Map

Happy Monday! Each week we share mature marketing insights and articles that capture the eye and create conversation. Let’s take a look at those pieces that did just that over the last 7 days. Have something to share? We welcome your comments and thoughts.

MOST SHARED: “Let’s get back to the basics” is a phrase that I heard repeatedly when studying what would become my passion and profession (and something I share with clients even today when discussing how best to position their communities and offerings). A recent article served as a great reminder that while marketers must work harder to keep up with the ever changing times, that the overall psychology of marketing hasn’t changed at all.

The piece highlighted 9 strategies/tools that marketers must understand and reflect in their efforts, and noted the following reminders:

  1. Reciprocity rules: Do something nice when someone engages with your brand or takes action
  2. Color matters: The colors used within marketing elements can elicit a wide variety of emotions and actions
  3. VIP Status: People want to be the first to discover new incentives and opportunities
  4. Emotion works: Stories and testimonials appeal to the aspirational desires of your prospects
  5. Urgency: No one wants to snooze and loose
  6. Foot-in-the-door: Try before you buy is a great way to create an experience and help move prospects to action
  7. Be a minimalist: Less is more when it comes to options
  8. Bandwagon: A sense of community unites and helps move people through purchase journey
  9. Education is key: Not the education of your prospects – but a marketers education to see what basics work best for your target market

marketing psychology - colors

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MOST CLICKED: More than 48 million households within the US have a 55+ er as the head of household, according to research shared by the National Association of Home Builders. For marketers, knowing WHERE your target market lives is almost as important as knowing WHO they are. This information allows you to effectively reach your audience on and offline.

55+ homes

How do you use this data in your marketing efforts?  We’d love to hear your comments.

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