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Retirement Changes … Is there an app for that?

Happy Monday! We hope those who observe Easter had a lovely weekend. And to those observing Passover, this is our last chance to say Chag Sameach!

At the beginning of every week, we share the most engaging content from the previous week. First up, Mashable shares how an 81-year-old woman developed an iPhone application having only learned to use computers when she was 60.

Then, an article from discusses various ways retirement will change in 2017.

MOST SHARED: Seniors Expand Their Virtual Playground

We know that seniors are using social media, but did you know they are developing apps now too? According to an article on Mashable, Masako Wakamiya, an 81-year-old Japanese woman, developed an app that shows people the correct way to place their traditional doll displays just in time for the very popular Girls/Dolls Day in Japan.

Wakamiya explained that the purpose for developing the app was so older adults could enjoy applications on their smartphones. Today’s apps are mostly geared towards young people and there is demand from older people for fun experiences using computers and smartphones.

Wakamiya learned Apple’s Swift programming language from a younger person living in Sendai via Skype and Facebook Messenger. She even has a blog that features tutorials on how to make art with Excel as well as vlogs featuring her many travels around the world.

Her talk at TEDx Tokyo a few years ago is quite inspiring. On first being connected to the internet, she exclaimed “I’ve got my wings!”

When Creating Results conducted our Social, Silver Surfers national research, we discovered that more than half of those who were surveyed are in fact using mobile devices to access the internet some or all of the time. (All survey respondents were over the age of 40.)

Source: Creating Results, Social Silver Surfers 2016

Source: Creating Results, Social Silver Surfers 2016

Wakamiya was a caregiver when she first became digitally connected and this group uses mobile web at a higher rate. Roughly 17% of respondents to our survey who identified as caregivers said they access the internet mostly by mobile devices; another 42.2% of those caregivers report splitting their time on the Internet between mobile and desktop. That means 59% of the caregiver segment are using internet all or half the time.

Whether it’s developing a new app or learning something new via social media, seniors’ presence in the today’s digital world is certainly increasing.

To read full article, click here.

MOST CLICKED: Financial Changes May Push Retirees to Reposition

It is no secret that there are (and will continue to be) changes in everything from interest rates to health care costs. Such considerations must be of the utmost importance for retirees. An article written for identified the top reasons financial planners believe retirement may (or will) change in 2017.

Rising retirement costs are among the top reasons that experts have specified will affect retirement this year (shocker!). The article advises consumers that erring on the side of caution when budgeting will be optimal.

This heightened sensitivity means marketers are going to have to tread lightly when it comes to positioning the cost of our products and services. We will also have to be mindful that cost will still remain at the top of the search inquiries on our websites — seniors are going to be even more mindful of pricing in 2017.

Another reason changes in 2017 will be of interest to those targeting seniors within the housing market is because interest and mortgage rates may increase. Due to the new administration’s more aggressive approach, rising rates will identify hints or robust inflation. This means that if seniors are considering a move or even a re-finance, they better act now. We may see more of a sense of urgency to move (and get settled) or a lull of sales as they become more sensitive to the rising rates and decide to stay put.

Other changes, including small increases to social security benefits (very small), safer investment recommendations and inflation warnings are all expected this year and beyond.

To read the full story, with a list of 15 specific changes, click here.

Please use the comments to share your thoughts — does knowing more about the rising uncertainty which seniors are feeling motivate you to change your messaging in any way?


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