Posted in on August 15, 2019

Four Tips for Creating Outstanding Video Testimonials

When’s the last time you watched a video online? Did you watch a quick tutorial on YouTube? Or maybe someone sent you a video of a cat doing whatever it is cats do.

But did you know that, a single cat video can get an average of 12,000 views?  Now imagine getting those types of numbers for your next senior living video testimonial and how much traction it could gain for your community.

Video testimonials are a perfect way to entice people to learn more about your community and increase engagement. But there’s more that goes into it than just setting up a camera, having someone share their experience and then posting it online and hoping for it to go viral.

I’ll be sharing four tips for creating video testimonials that make prospective residents say “wow!”

KISS: Keep It Short and Simple When It Comes to Video Testimonials

Attention spans are short. There is so much to see and so much to hear. You want to grab your audience’s attention and get your message out before you lose them to another cat video.

It’s recommended that you plan for your video testimonials to be between 40 and 60 seconds. With so many distractions for consumers nowadays, keeping within this timeframe can help ensure your audience remains engaged until the end.

Your video should get straight to the point; it shouldn’t make viewers wait too long to get the information they were seeking when they originally clicked on your video. With only 60 seconds, time is valuable, and your words should be too.

Use Quotes to Connect With Your Audience

There are several reasons why your audience may want to watch your videos. They may want to hear what current residents have to say about daily life in the community or want to learn about the kinds of activities they, or their loved ones, can participate in.

You’ll want to use quotes from residents featured in your video testimonials as soundbites and one-liners that explain why your community is  “awesome.” These soundbites should describe your community’s unique selling points and pique your viewers’ interest so they’ll want to learn more.

Testimonial videos can help build trust between you and your prospects. Hearing about your residents’ experiences will instill a sense in them that they too can have those same experiences.

Let Your Video Testimonials Flow

Scripts work well for movies and TV shows, but not so much for testimonials. When used for video testimonials, it can come across as if the person in the video is being told what to say, rather than saying what they truly feel. That can also create a lack of trust with your audience; they may feel as though you’re not being genuine.

Ditch the script when creating your video testimonials. Instead,  think of the questions you want to ask the person (or people) providing the testimonial. Write the questions down and share them with the participant(s) beforehand. That way, they can review and prepare, and not feel like they’re being put on the spot.

When it comes time to shoot the video, keep the conversation more casual in tone. The participant shouldn’t feel as though they are taking part in a serious interview. You can respond with follow up questions to help keep the conversation going.

Education Is Key

Another wonderful benefit of video testimonials is they can help break down objections people may have about senior living.

By focusing your video on a common objection, you can show viewers how your community addresses their concerns.

You can have the resident providing the testimonial speak about a positive experience they had that debunks that objection. For example, the objection might be, “I will lose my independence if I live there.” Ask your residents to speak about all the amazing activities they participate in at your community to show how they are remaining active and independent.

If the testimonial is genuine, your residents can help to alleviate any concerns your audience may have about what they can and can’t do while living in a senior community.

As you can see, creating a video testimonial can go a long way in helping to educate your prospects about your community. It’s time to start thinking about the many remarkable choices and features your community offers and how you can start highlighting them in your next video. With the right approach, it might just attract more attention than that cat video waiting in your inbox!

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