Posted in on November 14, 2011

Mature Marketing Tweets of the Week – 11/14/11

Tweets from @CreatingResults that were most shared, clicked on, actionable or discussed during the past week.


1. MOST CLICKED: A SmartMoney blogger offers 10 boomer “facts” with the intro “The aging Me Generation is still putting itself first.” Facts include “Paws off, Junior, the cash is mine” and “We can’t face reality.” 

I was inspired to instantly figure out her age via her LinkedIn profile (31 years old). Matt Thornhill called her a boomer basher. Comments call her hateful. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

2. MOST SHARED: How technology adoption is changing among the generations. 2010 data from Forrester Research shows both younger boomers (45-54) and older boomers (55-65) “fall behind the younger generations in terms of almost anything technology related” — except the amount of money they spend. Read the full report at

3. Google + has opened its platform for business profiles. As usual, we’re using Creating Results as a guinea pig to learn about Google+ biz pages and then will apply our learnings to clients. We’re at

4. Baby Boomers are anxious about real estate decisions (Inman News)

5. “Green Houses” try to de-institutionalize nursing homes (NYTimes)  We note this is similar to what client North Hill will be doing with their new “small house” design.

6. Social media explained in 61 words by David Meerman Scott

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