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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 11/19/12

In case you haven’t visited our Facebook or Google+ pages recently, I thought I’d share our “cover” photo and a big THANK YOU for being a reader of this blog! The entire team at Creating Results is grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for marketing to baby boomers and seniors through this channel… and for the comments and feedback you share with us.

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 Appropriately, several of the links in this week’s round-up of resources for 50+ marketing also have to do with gratitude.

1. MOST CLICKED: A nursing home administrator finds himself “on the other side,” receiving care instead of running it. In this touching post in McKnight’s Long Term Care News, Ken Tack shares his experience, and how he learned he had not been wholly thankful for the caregivers on his team and compassionate to their issues:

“When we have epiphanies like these we may ask, ‘What can we do about it?’ The answer is we can begin by caring and letting employees know that we do that we care about them. We can spend as much time preventing the problem of compassion bankruptcy, as we do in fixing the results. We still try to find good applicants, interview them, process them, train them and direct them. But we also can look them in the eye everyday and see the person that is there. We can ask them how things are doing and actually take the time to hear what they have to say. When they have a problem, whether it is work-related or not, we can make an effort to give them the support and caring we ask that they give our elders.”

Read the whole post:

2. MOST SHARED: This Thursday, many Americans will gather together and give thanks for the grandparents in their lives. Our friend Dick Stroud in the UK shared stats that reveal more should be saying thanks TO those grandparents — for spending a collective total of $35 billion a year on grandkids.

Read the whole post, which includes a link to Forbes’ advice to “pick Baby Boomers as your target market for the holidays”:

Read a related post on this blog, “The Grandparent Economy”:


Also of note:

3. Can your organization be grateful for a strong brand? Another UK friend, Kevin Baughen, posted a strong list of benefits that charities (really any organization) receive from a good brand.

4. New data: 55+ baby boomers and seniors are 15% of the tablet newspaper/magazine reading audience. Chart below, full post in eMarketer at

us tablet users by age readers of newspapers magazines

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