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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 7/8/13

As our clients know, I love looking at data and seeing what it tells us. Looking at the analytics from our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook channels last week tells me … Short week and shorter attention spans! (grin)

We hope all our readers enjoyed a lovely holiday with family and friends. Now it’s back to business and Creating Results’ weekly round-up of helpful resources for marketing to matures.

1. MOST SHARED: A Georgetown report claims baby boomer retirements will create 55 million jobs by 2020 — 31 million opening up as these older workers step aside and 24 million new ones in such “silver” industries as health care, education and community services. The report by Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce also includes a caution about the availability of workers with the needed training.Chart - Georgetown report showing fastest growing occupations needing higher education

“If the U.S. Congress can deal with budgetary challenges, we are on schedule for recovery,” says center director Anthony P. Carnevale. “But we will still face a major shortage of college-educated workers, especially as baby boomers retire.”

On Twitter, @AgeSmartEmploy added its own caveat: “Yes, if they retire.”

Read/download the report:

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2. MOST CLICKED: How to choose the right video channel for your content. Jim Doughtery of Vocus breaks down the cost, size and options offered by YouTube, Vimeo, Google Plus On Air Hangouts and even Twitter’s Vine. He notes:

“Mobile video traffic takes up the majority of mobile bandwidth and 1.2 billion online videos are viewed everyday. And online videos are three times as likely to be socially shared than traditional content.

Not only is there compelling evidence that you should include video as a part of your content marketing arsenal, but there are a diverse group of video applications that you can use to reach different customer segments in different ways.”

Read the post:

We’d stress that YouTube is the channel most used by those over the age of 50. In fact, our recent Social, Silver Surfers research showed how familiar it is older  people. (Be first to know when the eBook is published later this month:

Retirement community Fairing Way uses video to tell a larger story.RELATED: Several Creating Results’ clients are using video effectively for marketing.

* Fairing Way (hybrid CCRC / active adult) has become its own publisher, telling a more robust story than local reporters have time for.

* Traditions of America (active adult) leverages YouTube to distribute testimonials.

* North Hill (senior living) illustrates both future improvements and today’s lifestyle.

* The Charles Tufts Society (gift planning arm of Tufts University) builds confidence in bequests.

Tell us what you’re doing with video! Share links in the comments section, below.



*As India’s population ages, brand owners waking up to potential loyalty and $$ power of over-55 set.

* Infographic with some of the latest statistics on the use of direct mail. This data shows that 65% of people who receive direct mail purchase/engage.

* Chart shows why Americans pay attention to online ads. My beef with the data is that it tops out at 64 years old! Last I checked people 65+ were still buying and moving and traveling and …


We would love to know what you took note of last week (other than Whoopie-Pies at the 4th of July dessert table). Please share your comments below.

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