Posted in on November 1, 2013

Who Uses Instagram and Snapchat? Not 65+ Seniors

Online photo sharing and video sharing are on the rise, reveals a new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. And while Instagram and Snapchat are seeing significant gains in users, these mobile apps are not being used in significant numbers by 65+ seniors.

The Pew report summarizes:

“More internet users are using photos and videos as a social currency: 54% of internet users have posted original photos or videos to websites and 47% share photos or videos they found elsewhere online. Young adults and women lead the way in each of these activities.”

This chart illustrates the adoption of these mobile photo/video apps by age group:

Chart: adoption of instagram, snapchat by age group

We all have to make decisions about where to spend our time or money to improve our seniors marketing program effectiveness. Therefore, while we recognize that these types of mobile photo apps are becoming more popular, for now we’d recommend seniors marketers skip these “new, shiny objects.”

Just for fun, we compared the adoption of these new headline channels with an old one: TV news. After taking a look at the chart below, tell us: where will you invest your precious marketing hours?

Chart - use of instagram, snapchat and tv news by age

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