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Mature Marketing Links of the Week: Big Thinkers & Digital Tips

Happy Monday!  Let’s jump right and explore the mature marketing stories from the past week that had people talking. This week we examine how young entrepreneurials are changing the face of services for seniors and tips to make your digital marketing work harder. We’d love to hear your comments on these and other mature marketing topics – be sure to drop us a note in the comment section.

MOST SHARED: Experiences and lessons learned shape who we are and help us navigate similar paths should we come across them again. A recent Kiplinger article shines a spotlight on several young entrepreneurs who not only learned from past experiences but set out to create offerings to help others.

The article featured several twenty and thirty-somethings who developed services for the senior population with offerings ranging from home care service coordination to end of life planning.  All in response to their own experiences with family and friends who had struggled with finding solutions and answers to questions to help them remain independent and thrive, even in the face of healthcare issues.

As astute business people, these young entrepreneurs also realize that a swelling-by-the-day older demographic will need their products to stay independent and connected. “Students from the top business schools are setting up companies in this space — something I haven’t seen before,” says Stephen Johnston, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Aging 2.0. His company mentors start-ups that focus on baby boomers and seniors.

From Sherwin Sheik, who at 32 founded CareLinx, a company which provides an advisor to help families seeking home care agencies, not only securing  care by following up once a provider has been identified.  To Making Care Easier, a service that helps identify products for those trying to coordinate care for loved ones. And TrueLink, a credit card scam deterrent which seeks patterns in spending that could be related to a scam and then blocks payment.

These and other innovative offerings were all developed to help boomers and seniors (along with their loved ones) navigate each new chapter and need as it comes along, gracefully and stress-free. For those in senior living, think about how can you partner with like-minded organizations to provide the best solution to your prospective residents and brand champions.

Read the full article.

MOST CLICKED: As an agency, we leverage an integrated marketing approach that utilizes on and offline tactics to most effectively engage the mature consumer and spark action.  Digital marketing, while not a new area is one that is constantly changing and evolving.  And as marketers it’s important to know the trends and at times gut-check ourselves to ensure our current efforts are working as hard as they could (and should).

Ad Age explored this very thing in the first of a multi-part digital series which offers tips and tricks to boost digital efficiency.  The article and associated video featured the founder of VaynerMedia, who provided insights into what he sees as the benefit and reason for digital marketing.  Here are 3 tips he shared in the 2-minute clip:

  1. Leave emotion behind – Just because you are in love with one solution don’t rule out other online avenues that could be equally as effective when planning your digital strategy.
  2.  Do more with less – Ask yourself how you can use assets at your disposal and budget dollars across a variety of platforms.
  3. Testing means learning – Even if those lessons learned sprout of failures there are still things to take away to help you be successful next time.

Watch the video and discover more about how a powerful digital marketing presence can work for you.

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