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Mature Marketing Links of the Week: Retirement Insights and Billboards

Happy Columbus Day holiday Monday! Our mature marketing links of the week focus on retirement insights from a very insightful source, as well as answering the question: Do billboards still work for advertising? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well as other mature marketing stories so don’t be shy, that’s what our comment section is for.

MOST CLICKED: “What does retirement mean to you?” An age-old question that many have weighed in on, but perhaps none with so much insight as the children who shared their thoughts with Transamerica. The New Age of Advice shared a video of some of the best responses, including:

  • Retirement means you are really old and can’t do your job
  • It means you have enough money to stop working and live the rest of your life in peace
  • You can sleep all day
  • “I’m going to live in a tent on the street” (this was by far my favorite response)

Transamerica videoWhile the responses were certainly funny, they did convey one important lesson. Retirement means something different to everyone, and as marketers it’s our job to try and showcase how our offerings for communities can help our target market, regardless of how they define retirement.

View the entire video here.


MOST SHARED: Are billboards an effective channel for advertising? At Creating Results we believe an integrated approach that incorporates both on- and offline advertising is the most effective way to reach your audience; however, even with an integrated approach there are some avenues that are used more than others. Self-proclaimed “marketing snob” Dan Moyle’s initial answer to this question was ‘no’ in his blog post. Moyle believed that a billboard would not be an effective approach, but he still needed to utilize it for one particular client.

The solution? He incorporated a number of digital tactics as well as general tracking to measure effectiveness, including:

  • Optimizing his online campaign using specific keywords, which he also used within the billboard
  • Incorporating a simple message that would make it easier for drivers to consume
  • Using a unique, trackable URL to measure leads

The results? The campaign drove new visits to the website and even converted 9% of those leads. However, at the end of the day the ROI just wasn’t there because of the high cost of the avenue.

According to Moyle:

Outbound advertising is far from dead. You can use it with some success to reach a broader audience that may not be at the awareness stage and searching for your solution — your product or service. However, combining some of the inbound tactics and tracking technology we now have will help you ensure you’re not shooting in the dark.

Read the full marketing study here.

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