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LeadingAge Rhode Island 2024 Annual Conference Recap: Courage Ignited

How senior living leaders can overcome obstacles, take risks and pursue their goals with confidence

On March 27, LeadingAge Rhode Island hosted its 33rd Annual Conference and Trade Show, with the theme of “Courage Ignited.” The event was a blast, bringing together hundreds of senior living professionals, experts and vendors to explore innovative and courageous ways to redefine their work. The conference featured various educational sessions, networking opportunities and a keynote speech by U.S. Olympian Johnny Quinn.

How to Leverage Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Your Sales and Marketing Results

I kicked off the morning at the LeadingAge Rhode Island 2024 Conference with our session titled, How to Leverage Automation and AI to Improve Your Sales and Marketing Results. I explained how senior living providers can use marketing automation and AI to enhance their communication and engagement with their prospects and customers.

AI can help senior living providers analyze data, generate insights and optimize their strategies. I shared a case study of how a senior living community used marketing automation and AI to improve their sales and marketing results. The community leveraged industry CRM Sherpa to segment and score leads, create personalized content and automate follow-ups.

Lead Scoring Example
The case study showed that the community increased their lead conversion rate by 25%, their appointment rate by 40% and their move-in rate by 15%. I also shared some best practices and tips for implementing marketing automation and AI, such as defining goals, testing and measuring and choosing the right tools and partners.

This session showed how senior living leaders can embrace change and innovation and step into the future of marketing automation and AI. It also demonstrated how marketing automation and AI can help senior living providers communicate more effectively and efficiently with their prospects and customers, and ultimately increase their occupancy and revenue. Toward the end of the session, I invited the audience to try out some of the tools and platforms mentioned, making it an informative and interactive experience.

Luncheon Keynote: Breaking Through Barriers

The luncheon keynote speaker was Johnny Quinn, a former professional football player and a member of the 2014 U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team in Sochi. Quinn shared his inspiring story of overcoming adversity and breaking through barriers in his sports career and life. He also gave practical advice on how to unleash resilience, determination and growth for unbounded success.

Quinn explained how he faced multiple setbacks and rejections in his football career, including being cut from three NFL teams and losing his contract in the Canadian Football League. He said he learned to embrace failure as feedback and use it to improve his skills and mindset.

He emphasized the importance of having a growth mindset, which is the belief that one can improve one’s abilities and outcomes through effort and learning. He said that having a growth mindset helps to overcome fear, doubt and complacency, and to pursue goals with confidence and courage.

Quinn’s keynote was a powerful and motivational message that resonated with the senior living leaders in the audience, who face barriers and challenges in their work and their personal lives. Quinn encouraged them to tap into their inner strength and combine it with the collective courage of their peers and colleagues, who share their common purpose of serving older adults.

Speaker Johnny Quinn

2024 Employment Law Developments Impacting Long-Term Care, Assisted Living and Home Health Care Providers in Rhode Island

After Quinn’s inspiring keynote, the attendees had a chance to learn more about the legal issues that affect the industry and how to prepare for them. The session was led by Joshua C. Vaughn and Eric Mack, shareholders at Littler Mendelson, P.C., a law firm that specializes in labor and employment law. They were joined by Asher Brody, co-founder of ESHYFT, a software platform that helps long-term care providers manage their workforce.

The speakers shared their insights and expertise on the latest employment law developments and trends that impact long-term care providers in Rhode Island. They covered topics such as worker classification, premium pay, joint employment, overtime exemptions, audits and handbook policies. They also discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry and the legal challenges and risks that have arisen from it. Most notably how employers should be taking a deeper look at their employee handbooks, the policies and how to protect themselves while still attracting the right employees.

The attendees left the session with a better understanding of the legal landscape and how to navigate it successfully.

Cyberattacks and security in senior living

The next session at the LeadingAge Rhode Island 2024 Conference focused on one of the most pressing and vital challenges that long-term care providers face today: cybersecurity. The session was led by Tricia King, Director of Client Success at Vertikal6, a leading IT consulting and managed services provider in Rhode Island. She was joined by two of her colleagues, Michael Masseur, senior network engineer, and John Boudreau, cybersecurity specialist.

The speakers explained the various types of cyberattacks that target long-term care organizations, such as malware, phishing, online scams, DDoS, data breaches and ransomware. They also shared real-life examples and case studies of how these attacks can impact the operations, finances, reputation and compliance of long-term care providers. They highlighted the legal and regulatory obligations and liabilities that long-term care providers have regarding data protection and privacy, especially under HIPAA and the Rhode Island Identity Theft Protection Act.

The attendees gained valuable insights and tips on how to protect their digital assets and prevent cyberattacks. They also learned how to respond effectively and efficiently if a cyberattack occurs. They were encouraged to implement the recommended measures to safeguard their organization and the people they serve.

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Learning, networking and more

The LeadingAge Rhode Island 2024 Annual Conference was a successful and inspiring event that showcased the courage and creativity of the senior living industry. The conference provided valuable opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration among senior living professionals, experts and vendors. The conference also challenged and empowered senior living leaders to overcome obstacles, take risks and pursue their goals with confidence and courage. We hope you enjoyed this recap, and we look forward to seeing you at the next LeadingAge Rhode Island event!

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