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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 2/27/12

Another Monday, another round-up of the mature marketing resources shared by Creating Results that received the most clicks, retweets or attention last week.

1. MOST CLICKED: Seth Godin’s “Simple Thougths about Fair Use” struck a chord with many of our Twitter and LinkedIn followers. Godin explains the difference between copyright and Fair Use, which permits commentary and comparisons. As Godin writes,

“Most web users should know a few simple guidelines, principles so simple that you can generally assume them to be rules. (Worth noting that whether you are in the right or not, a lawyer on retainer can still hassle you–not fair but true):

  • You don’t need to ask someone’s permission to include a link to their site.
  • You don’t need to ask permission to include a screen shot of a website in a directory, comment on that site or parody it.
  • You can quote hundreds of words from a book (for an article or book or on your website) without worrying about it and you certainly don’t need a signed release from the original author or publisher. Poems and songs are special exceptions. Then you can worry.

There’s a difference between being polite and observing the law. If you quote something (an idea, a notion, a recipe), the right thing to do is give credit.”

At Creating Results, our rule of thumb is “always cite and be polite.” Please read all of Mr. Godin’s post at

2. MOST SHARED: A tie between Beth Rand’s post on QR Codes and Baby Boomers and this Rochester Post Bulletin article on the experience of Baby Boomers on Facebook. Did you know there are more boomers on Facebook than 13-17 year olds?

Other links/resources of note:

3. Your team is likely working hard to earn mentions in media – whether online outlets or social media.  What can help you measure the success of your program? KD Paine offers a checklist with 25 questions to be answered as you choose a monitoring vendor. Tip of the Hat to Shonali Burke (@Shonali) for sharing the link with us.

4. We’ve written frequently that marketers focused on 50+ consumers shouldn’t overlook television as a very effective channel for reaching baby boomers and seniors. Last week, eMarketer shared new stats on video watching by age and gender, noting “The number of hours in the day may not be growing, but the amount of time US consumers spend with media is—thanks to multitasking.”

The older you are, the more time you spend watching video on TV.  I found it interesting that 50+ men now watch as much video online as do males aged 2-17. You’ll find eMarketer’s post here:

Was there a link or resource we missed that you found of value? Please share it or any other comments below.

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