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US Social Network Users by Age Group – New Statistics From Pew

The Pew Research Internet and American Life Project has released new statistics on who is using social media by age group. Curious as to which social platforms are attracting the most baby boomers and seniors? Here is a Q&A that could guide your decisions regarding marketing to matures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like.

Q. Are older users even using online social networks?

A. Per Pew, 52% of wired boomers are using social networking sites. 32% of online seniors over 65 are using social networking sites.

Q. What percentage of boomers and seniors are on Facebook?

A. 57% of boomer Internet users are using Facebook, along with 35% of online seniors. (This new data from Pew echoes Creating Results’ Social, Silver Surfers research which found that Facebook had the highest awareness among older users, and the highest usage rates of any social network other than YouTube.)

Q. What social networks aren’t older users using?

A. Only a small fraction of matures are using Instagram (5% of 50+ers online) and Tumblr (4% of 50+ers online).

Q. If I want to market to baby boomers and seniors, should I spend my time on Twitter or Pinterest?

A. 10% of baby boomers and 2% of 65+ seniors are using Twitter, for a total of 12% of 50+ers online. 12% of baby boomers and 4% of seniors are using Pinterest, for a total of 16% of 50+ers online. (Learn more about Pinterest and marketing to 50+ers.)

Chart - US Social Network Users by Age Group; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Q. Is the number of older adults joining online social networks continuing to grow?

A. Pew data actually shows that, for the first time in years, there was a decline in the percentage of Internet users aged 50-64 and those 65 and over (38% vs. 32%) using social networking sites. In fact, there was a decline among Internet users of all ages using online social networks.

graph - social networking site use by age - Pew Internet

To find Pew’s full report, which has stats on US social networkers of all ages, income levels and education, follow this link:

What do you think — is there anything new or surprising in this data? Will these statistics about social networkers by age group change your organization’s social media marketing approach?

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