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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 3/4/13

March already! Did you know that March used to be the first month of the year? A great reason to give for not making progress on those New Year’s resolutions …

Each Monday we resolve to share on this blog a round-up of articles, insights and other resources for marketing to mature consumers. Here are the topChart - effectivness marketing channels small medium sized businesses links of the week:

1. MOST CLICKED: TV and newspapers are most influential on seniors

This share of an older post was prompted by new data showing that TV ads get a small share of marketing budgets, but are seen by small and medium sized businesses as delivering a large share of results.

See more on Vocus’ findings re effectiveness of marketing channels:

2. MOST DISCUSSION: In an article last week, “LinkedIn: The Ugly Duckling of Social Media,” the Wall Street Journal noted that their stock had reached an all-time high, and that the service is introducing new services to get more revenue from corporate customers. A Starbucks executive was quoted as saying: “Originally it was seen as your mom’s or your dad’s network … Now it also has more young professionals and college-level folks.”

These references to LinkedIn’s user base became the subject of some discussion on Twitter.

LinkedIn older user base - discussion with Valerie Simon

Creating Results typically defines “older users” as ages 40 and up, as I shared with  Valerie. Why? This includes consumers who tend to be more affluent and educated. As David Wolfe outlined in Ageless Marketing, at this point they’ve passed the time of aquiring the basic skills (social, intellectual) needed to navigate the adult world. They’re looking for opportunities that serve vocational and personal aspirations; they’re looking for life balance. You can see how LinkedIn appeals to this more mature, “older” user.

social networks used by older users - Discussion with Jeff Green

Well, since you asked, Jeff …  Facebook is the #1 social network used by older Internet users. Per the Pew Internet and American Life Project,  52% of boomers are using social networks. 57% of boomer Internet users are members of Facebook, along with 35% of online seniors. (Pew’s data echoes our agency’s Social, Silver Surfers research which found that Facebook had the highest awareness and usage rates among older users.)

As seen above, we’ve loved LinkedIn for a long time as a way to reach older consumers. Check out the related items, and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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