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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 9/23/13

Happy Monday!  Let’s get right into the mature marketing news and stories which resonated the most this past week.  Have something to share that isn’t included here?  Please be sure to add to the comment section below.

AARPMOST SHARED : Sulu explains technology to boomers and seniors.  George Takei, of Star Trek fame, has teamed up with AARP for a series of videos where he explores new technologies and explains them in a way that those who aren’t as familiar will understand (and hopefully embrace them).  Takei looks at Google Glass, showcasing how people are using the glasses and what he thinks about this new product.  The video is light and fun and provides practical information about this new product, making it less scary for boomers and seniors.  Click here for an article about the series in CNET and a link to the full video.

MOST CLICKED:  Brian Solis’s take on the art of online engagement in an article featured on Google’s Think Insights received a lot of interest this past week.  Solis has been studying interactions with brands and how that shapes consumers perceptions. He notes that all content needs to be crafted in a way that would easily allow it to be shared with others, and notes that there needs to be a connection between what you promise within the social sphere and what a brand delivers.

Engagement is really about Actions, Reactions and Transactions; something that I refer to as A.R.T. Engagement, for me, is something that locks in an interaction or exchange. Thinking about engagement in that way inspires a different approach for content creation; you want somebody to feel something, not just see it.

This is especially important for the mature consumer, who relies heavily on peer reviews of brands and products as well as the ability to easily share content themselves as a part of brand engagement. The easier you can create a positive experience in engagement the better. As the article states “Because in the social web, it is those experiences that become your brand.”

A LOOK BACK: This month Creating Results celebrates our 20th anniversary.  We invite you to look back with us as we survey the past 20 years of motivating boomers and seniors.  Be sure to visit our website so see how marketing has changed over the last 20 years. 

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