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30+ SNFs in Trouble: What Marketers Should Know

Happy Tuesday! We hope everyone had a happy and hearty Thanksgiving. Each Monday, we do a ‘roundup’ of the most engaging mature marketing content. However, due to the high volume of emails your inbox probably received yesterday, we thought we’d give your inbox a break. So, here is our roundup… on a Tuesday!

According to Skilled Nursing News, 33 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) affiliated with one of the largest skilled nursing operating companies in the country, Plano Texas’ Preferred Care Partners Management Group, have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Preferred Care Partners Management Group operates over 100 SNFs across 12 different states, though the 33 SNFs in question are mainly located in Kentucky (21) and New Mexico (12).

Under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the skilled nursing facilities in question will try to stay in business, and while restructuring, will continue to pay both employees and vendors accordingly.

In a statement provided to Reuters, Preferred Care said, “The health, safety and comfort of the residents will be the primary concern going forward.”

The subject matter of the numerous lawsuits varies but the associated SNFs are facing over 160 personal injury lawsuits, defrauding Medicaid charges and other deficiencies for more than a decade.

What does this mean for us marketers? It means that governing agencies will be taking a closer look at skilled nursing facilities and what types of regulations need to be set in place to prevent another situation like this from occurring.

You never know what troubles your organization may face in the future. That is why it is important to have a communication strategy for when tough times hit your organization. As our digital world spins and makes an organization’s reputation more vulnerable than ever, we would recommend transparency above all else! If you are not honest with your customers, they are likely to seek out your competitor’s products or services, and you will have to work twice as hard to gain their trust back.

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