Posted in on May 8, 2020

Roundup: More COVID-19 News for Senior Living

As COVID-19 news continues to grab headlines worldwide, we’re learning more about the virus’ impact on senior living communities.

This month, we’re looking at the latest COVID-19 news and insights for senior living professionals.

1. COVID-19 News Shows Senior Living Communities Are Needed More Than Ever

Each resident’s reasons for moving to a senior living community are different, but the reasons they stay are similar. As COVID-19 news remains prevalent, many older adults living at home are ill-equipped for stay-at-home orders and dealing with isolation.

This article from The News Tribune looks at the benefits of life at a senior living community, especially when considering the current health crisis.

map of Covid-19 pandemic

2. The Best Approach for Communicating COVID-19 News

Due to the current global pandemic, leaders of senior living communities are expected to address residents’ families and the larger public. Whether presenting good news or not-so-easy news, being forthright in your communications is the best approach, according to LeadingAge VA President and CEO, Melissa Andrews.

Learn more best practices for communicating in the face of COVID-19 in this InsideNOVA article.


3. Senior Living Gets Creative to Attract Prospects

COVID-19 news has forced senior living industry professionals to quickly adapt their strategies. As in-person tours have been curtailed, a new age of virtual tours and virtual meetings is being embraced.

Discover how senior living professionals are looking beyond lunch and learns and getting creative in order to reach prospects during this time. Learn more on Senior Housing News.

4. Is It Time for Caregivers to Quarantine With Residents?

Would your senior living community ask staff members to quarantine with residents to ensure their safety? It’s a sacrifice the team at Shady Oaks Assisted Living in Bristol, Connecticut is willing to make. The team will spend at least 10 weeks away from their families as they look to minimize the risk of COVID-19 entering the community.

Hear from Shady Oaks caregiver, Tyson Belanger, about the reasons communities may consider quarantining caregivers with residents on McKnight’s Senior Living.

5. Lessons Learned from Dealing With COVID-19 Firsthand

Being the Founder and CEO of Aegis Living in Washington state has put Dwayne J. Clark closed to the epicenter of the first coronavirus outbreaks in the US and given him a unique perspective of the global pandemic.

Clark shared his lessons learned from managing COVID-19 cases in one of his own communities and how providers should respond to mitigate the spread of the virus. Learn more in this article he wrote as a guest contributor for Senior Housing News.

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