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Roundup: Marketing & Operations Implications of the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine is one of the hot topics in the senior living industry. With nursing homes and other senior living settings being prioritized for the vaccine, providers are learning as they go when it comes to navigating distribution, as well as some reluctance to opt in to getting vaccinated.

In this month’s roundup, we take a look at the progress that has been made so far as communities rush to get their residents and staff vaccinated, and the impact its had on operations.

1. Prospects Being Incentivized With Promises of Vaccine

From rent-free first months to money toward home and apartment customizations, senior living incentives come in all shapes and sizes. You can now add guaranteed vaccination to the list of incentives senior living providers are touting to increase occupancy at their communities, which has been at all time low levels thanks to the pandemic.

Learn about the factors behind one NY-based senior living community’s decision to promote the opportunity to get vaccinated as an incentive in their marketing. Read the full story on Bloomberg.

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2. Even With Vaccine, Effects of Covid-19 Will Be Dealt With for Foreseeable Future

There’s new hope as senior living residents and staff members continue to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Still, a sense of normal remains elusive and providers will continue operating with the virus in mind for the foreseeable future. It’s nearing one year since the virus took hold of our daily lives and the effects — emotional, economic, regulatory and otherwise — continue persist within the industry.

Industry leaders offer insights into the challenges senior living providers continue to face due to Covid-19 in this McKnight’s Senior Living article.

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3. Half of Caregivers Reluctant to Get Vaccinated

Vaccination is among our best bets for a return to daily life as we knew it before the pandemic. As with any medical advancement, there’s hesitation regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, even amongst nursing caregivers. In fact, about 50% of caregivers are declining to get vaccinated.

In an effort to protect their communities, senior living and care providers have sought guidance on how to increase staff participation in vaccination clinics. Can communities mandate compliance?

Get the information you’re looking for in this blog post from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care.

4. What Does Legislation Say About Requiring Employees to Be Vaccinated?

Whether or not senior living organizations can require workers to get vaccinated appears to be a gray area. On one hand, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission states employers can mandate that employees get vaccinated. On the other hand, there are certain exceptions to be considered based on Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This article from JD Supra analyzes current legislation and how the push to increase vaccination among senior living staff is affected.

5. Vaccinations Cause Upward Trend in Senior Living Move-Ins

With the arrival of the vaccine comes a newfound confidence in senior living communities. As of January 26, 2.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in senior living settings. This new protection against Covid-19 has resulted in a uptick in move-ins, which have been at an all-time low since the start of the pandemic.

Learn more about the impact the Covid-19 vaccine has had on senior living occupancy in this article from Senior Housing News.

Also, be sure to check out our post detailing 3 tips for communicating with residents and faimilies about the Covid-19 vaccination process.

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