Posted in on March 5, 2021

Roundup: Senior Living’s Efforts to Return to “Normal”

Who could have predicted that the senior living industry could be transformed so much in one year? As we enter the second year of the pandemic, we do so with a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to ongoing vaccine distribution.

In this month’s roundup, we take a look at the state of the senior living industry a year on from the beginning of the pandemic, as well as communities’ efforts to return to normal.

1. Covid-19’s Impact and How the Industry Plans to Move Forward

A year on from the beginning of the pandemic and Covid-19 still plays a major role in decision making for senior living providers, residents and prospects. The lifestyle and benefits many communities offer have been altered and occupancy rates have been at record low numbers. Yet, there’s hope that a return to normal life will come sooner rather than later thanks to vaccine distribution.

This article published by Kiplinger reviews Covid-19’s impact on senior living and the path forward for the industry.

2. Vaccines Offer Fast Path to Normal for Senior Living Industry

Slowly, but surely, people are getting vaccinated. As a result, restrictions are loosening at varying levels across the country, including at senior living communities. Many communities are re-opening for visitations, but precautions remain in place.

This article from Senior Housing News details the measures communities are taking to re-open safely, as well as some of the obstacles they face in doing so.

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3. Communities Offer Different Visitation Levels to Mitigate Virus

Some communities are ready to loosen restrictions for fully vaccinated visitors to their communities. For example, The Woodlands in New Hampshire is launching its Verified Vaccinated Visitors (3V) program. The 3V program will allow unrestricted community access to visitors who have completed the vaccination process and wish to see their loved one.

Learn more about the 3V program and the measures in place to allow for more regular visits between residents and their families in this McKnight’s Senior Living article.

4. Covid-19-Related Deaths at Communities in Heavy Decline

The last few months have seen an 82% decline in the number of Covid-19-related deaths at senior living communities across the country. Many communities have resumed social activities and are enjoying gathering together, as well their families being able to visit.

The gradual return to normal community life and reduced virus deaths aligns very closely with the beginning of the vaccine rollout. Learn more in this article from KSL TV.

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5. Residents and Prospects Can Expect an Improved Senior Living Product

As the senior living industry moves deeper into recovery mode, experts believe that the pandemic has forced providers to offer an improved product. This article from McKnight’s Senior Living analyzes the areas in which providers will be enhancing their products to ensure communities remain appealing to prospects on the other side of the pandemic.

What steps is your community taking to get back to operating as normal? Let us know by tweeting at us or sending us a message on LinkedIn!

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