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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 5/7/12

Your weekly digest of the tweets/links/resources that received the most clicks/shares/attention last week on Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+.  (Ever wonder how the AP and Chicago style mavens feel about the forward slash?)

NPR listener Yoshiko Okuyama’s 20-year-old son and her 82-year-old mother.

1. MOST CLICKED: NPR’s comprehensive look at elder care, including the true cost of at-home caregiving for elderly parents, how to prepare yourself financially, and some of the emotional highs/lows of living in a multigenerational household.

This series has been quite powerful, combining the latest facts and figures with personal stories. NPR’s community also has responded strongly; you’ll find many insights in the comments.

Listen to and see charts from the series:

2. MOST SHARED: Three resources that paint a more complete picture of our baby boomer and senior targets:

– Women over 65 use home health at higher rates than men, finds the CDC.

– 71% of #babyboomers / #seniors say we need a return to more privacy online (a reminder that our Social Silver Surfer research found there were three distinct types of privacy issues that concern matures).

– By the numbers: characteristics of seniors living in CCRCs & residential facilities (Senior Housing News).

3. MOST FUN: Who took the Fig out of Fig Newtons? Find out what baby boomers had to do with the name change of a beloved brand.

Read the article:


Also of note …

– Six ways to improve your YouTube marketing, especially … Make the videos short! As this blogger writes, “Long Videos – Nobody Watches Them.”

– Aging tech expert Laurie Orlov takes the long view, noting that most (59%) of older adults are still not online.


At Creating Results, we appreciated Laurie’s call to do your own research when others lump together large age bands or overlook 50+ers altogether. We’ve done so several times, as readers of this blog know. Please help us shape our next initiative. Share your priorities in this two-question survey:

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