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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 10/1/12

Happy October! This is going to be a busy month for the Creating Results team.

 I’m off to New Orleans this week to present at the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (October 3-5). If you’re planning to attend this terrific event, I hope you’ll join me in Grand Salon A on Friday at 11:30 for a session on “The Power of Generational Marketing.”

Then, a small group of us heads to Denver for the LeadingAge Annual Meeting (October 21-24). Our fearless leader, Todd Harff, will be part of a panel on October 23. We’ll also have a booth (#1443) with a fun game show — “Super Seniors.” Stop by and test your knowledge of our favorite consumers. You might even win a prize!

Now, on with our regular Monday round-up of the top articles and resources of the week for 50+ marketers, based on social shares and engagement. Business first, then fun.

1. MOST SHARED: A tie —

* America’s affluent consumers ($100k+ in annual household income) crave connectivity, content, finds Ipsos Media.

“Affluent hunger for content and connectivity continues to grow – both in print and digital formats.

Affluents read an average of 18.7 issues of print publications from an average of 8.2 titles, with 82% of Affluents reading at least one of the 150 measured and reported print publications – all of these metrics are very stable from 2011, and all are substantially higher among Ultra Affluents ($250K+ HHI). Moreover, the six national daily newspapers measured showed a substantial 3.9% increase in overall readership.

At the same time, Affluent interest in digital devices and media continues to grow. The 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent survey finds that tablet ownership essentially tripled from 2011, to 26%, with smartphone ownership also rising significantly, to 55%. Hours online weekly rose 14%, to 37.4 hours a week, with the largest growth related to social media, entertainment and shopping.”

Read the report:

* There is a critical marketing tactic that Social Media marketers often forget, writes Jeff Bullas:

“… there is a danger.

That danger is that other marketing strategies, skills and basics are  forgotten or ignored in the glare of social media’s buzz and popularity.

There is one very core marketing tactic that should be woven  into every  part of your digital marketing. It is boring, it can be technical but it is  essential.

This tactic is sometimes described in code. That code is ..”

Read the post to find out the code:

Free download - charts, statistics on online and social media use by baby boomers and seniors.2. MOST CLICKED: New, free download: 12 terrific charts, stats & graphics on the online habits of babyboomers for your use. Sprinkle these graphics into your next presentation, to help colleagues and decision makers understand what consumers over 50 are actually doing when it comes to Internet and social media use.

Get the slides:

Also of note: 37% of job-seeking & working #babyboomers stopped saving for retirement during recession. New data from the AARP details the recession’s impact on Baby Boomers.

Read the report:


Proving mature marketers do not live on boomers and seniors alone, our two most popular links of the week were:

* New book by my friend @kenbakernow — “Fangirl.” Looks great! Ken’s an accomplished author and a news correspondent for E! (And a fellow Colgate University alum.) To check out Ken’s book:

* Genius! Cookie Monster & Grover sing The Hunger Games, Avengers, Dr. Who.


What did we miss? What do you think of Bullas’ “secret” tactic for social media success? Will we see you in New Orleans or Denver? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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