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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 10/8/12

This week’s round-up of the top 50+ resources, links and articles has a bit of a non-profit, planned giving tilt. To be expected, as we were live tweeting several sessions from the excellent National Conference on Philanthropic Planning in New Orleans last week. But never fear! There’s something for everyone whose passion is marketing to baby boomers and seniors. Allons! (let’s go)

* MOST CLICKED: Jon Gelberg’s recommendations of 5 Tweets to keep in your rotation. Here’s a summary –

  1. Check out this interesting article (stop selling, start sharing items of mutual interest/relevance)
  2. Here’s some news about our favorite charity (demonstrate your membership in and support of the larger, offline community)
  3. Check out the cool people who work for us (people like to hire likeable people)
  4. Check out this hilarious video (show a sense of humor)
  5. We hear you (respond thoughtfully to all feedback — positive and negative)

Read the post:

* MOST SHARED: The Pew Research Center has new data on news audiences, including these profiles of, from youngest to oldest, who is watching or reading what. As Pew puts it “In general, the regular audiences for most television and print news outlets tend to be older than the public as a whole.” This blog frequently addresses the fact that more older adults watch TV every day than use the Internet, read email or participate in online social networks. If you’re considering advertising in newspapers or on broadcast news, here’s where you’ll find your targets.

Chart detailing the ages of news audiences - print and TV - new data from Pew Research Center.

“Regular readers of the New York Times also tend to be younger than average. Nearly a third (32%) of regular Times readers – are younger than 30.

In contrast, political talk shows, particularly conservative talk programs, have older audiences. Large majorities of the regular viewers of Sean Hannity (66%) and The O’ Reilly Factor (64%) are 50 and older. Just 43% of all Americans are 50 and older… Liberal talk show audiences also skew older, but not as dramatically. Still, among regular Hardball watchers, 59% are 50 or older, and 28% are at least 65. Among regular Rachel Maddow viewers, 57% are 50 or older and 25% are at least 65.”

Read the full report on trends in news consumption:


* A LITTLE LAGNIAPPE (something extra) … Some highlights from the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning annual meeting:

– Stelter research shows that when it comes to current planned givers vs prospective givers, age & marital status are bigger indicators than income.

– There is no gender difference for planned giving among Millennials, but there is a significant difference among baby boomers and seniors. Currently, baby boomers give the most to charity, Millennials the least.

– Social giving has more than doubled in the last 5 years. An Idealware survey showed that 47% of nonprofits using social media for their marketing do no measurement at all.

– “Tracking the metrics forces you to think about the next question to be answered, to test & be more effective,” said Rebecca Scott of Tufts University in presenting a great case study on email vs. postcards vs. Facebook ads — a case study with, of course, terrific metrics to show ROI and impact.

– “Philanthropy is personal and transformational,” said Michael Kateman,


Ça va! (that’s enough) We welcome comments below and look forward to sharing additional insights with you next week.

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