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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Mile High Edition

Greetings from Denver! Creating Results has a team of four in the Mile High City this week, participating in the LeadingAge 2012 Annual Meeting. This year’s event has as it’s theme “Inspire. Serve. Advocate.” — a wonderful call to action for LeadingAge members who provide care and services for America’s elders. Perhaps some of the links/quotes/resources in this week’s round-up will inspire you, too!

MOST SHARED: We had the privilege of hearing Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak at the opening session of Leading Age 2012 on Sunday. A quote from Mr. Tutu became the most shared item of the week:

“God without us will not, as we without God cannot.””

Mr. Tutu was heralding the role that not-for-profit aging services providers play as a partner with God in making lives better. Here is Mr. Tutu on the LeadingAge stage — amazing!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at LeadingAge conference in Denver October 2012MOST CLICKED:

“This is the wealthiest bunch of old people we’ve ever had in the country and they will spend money differently than the young,” said Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist for the National Federation of Independent Businesses, in this article from the Boulder County Business Report. Our friend Brent Green is quoted as well, offering ideas for how to/how not to market to baby boomers.

Read the article:


Can religion/spirituality be used as a marketing motivator? When we shared new data from Pew showing a rise in “nones” (people who claim no religious affiliation) it sparked some nice discussions on LinkedIn.

Carol Orsborn, author, expert & executive director of CoroFaith wrote “Many organizations in the healthcare and aging communities are looking into a bigger emphasis on spiritual support services and content, tackling the big issue of attempting customization by religious tradition/community.” Hear more of her thoughts and solutions by clicking here.

“Just Harry,” an oldies performer wondered “when boomers were in their 20s, did more than 9% of them identify as unaffiliated or were they more like Millennials are today?  the distinction doesn’t make a difference in marketing today, but could for any product or services lasting decades such as real estate or insurance.” Previous data from Pew indicates Gen Y feelings are similar to what baby boomers felt at the same age. Click here for a chart that compares each generation’s attitudes towards religion from the late 70s to the 00s.


* I don’t have fat fingers. Your buttons are too skinny. Or so say Mobile email users, in data presented at the Direct Marketing Association 2012 meeting last week. As reported in MediaPost, Worldata CEO Jay Scheweldeson talked about how/why people click on the wrong items when sites are not optimized for mobile use. He “pointed out that the adult finger covers 45  pixels on a mobile screen, and that call-to-action buttons should have 15 pixels  of padding in order to mitigate the occurrence of tap errors.”

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Are you in Denver for LeadingAge? We’re at Booth #1443 – please stop by and play our “Super Seniors” game. Win Prizes!

Not at the conference? Follow @CreatingResults on Twitter – we are among many tweeting with the hashtag #LeadingAge12 and sharing insights and ideas.

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