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Mature Marketing Links of the Week- Social Media Trends and Strategies

Happy Monday!  It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone.  Here we showcase those mature marketing articles and news from the last week that had people talking.  Interest in posts regarding social media dominated, receiving many shares, comments and clicks.  We welcome (and encourage) your comments, so please share your 50+ marketing news in the comment section below.

Social Media TrendsMOST CLICKED: An oldie but goodie from Marketing Charts peeked interests last week.  The article examined usage among Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest users to determine the types of needs each channel is used for.  Overall, Pinterest users value the creativity opportunities provided, while Facebook users valued the ability to connect with friends and family and Twitter users liked seeing what their friends posted.

When asked if purchases were impacted by these platforms, participants gave low marks- with only 24% of Pinterest users, 11% of Facebook and 16% of Twitter indicating they made purchase decisions based on social networks, however all said that their networks did create influence by providing additional information about products and alerting to deals and steals.  The implication for marketers? Social media brand loyalists are important when helping to create and sustain awareness, even if an immediate action or purchase is not made, so be sure to engage them.

This report is aligned with what Creating Results has found through our Social Silver Surfer research when examining Boomer and Senior perceptions of social media networks.  Our survey discovered that social sharing tools are incredibly important to the mature consumer as is the ability to connect with friends.

MOST SHARED:  Michael Brito’s presentation regarding the digital ecosystem received a lot of shares this last week.  An article regarding his presentation was shared on Spiral 16 and shared Brito’s thoughts on the challenges of leveraging social media.  Tops among the challenges-  first and foremost the sheer volume of content consumers are exposed to each day.  The  importance of relevant content is critical to help consumers determine what content is most important. The solution?  According to Brito, an online marketing content strategy that tells a story and shares relevant, engaging content is critical.   Click here to discover more about how you can shape your digital content strategy.

WORTH REPEATING: What Count’s Who Needs SEO Anyway? (You Do) article shares a variety of search engine optimization best practices and provides great insights regarding keywords, images, links and more.

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