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Quality, Not Quantity, When it Comes to Baby Boomers

Each week we take a look at the mature marketing articles from the previous week that engaged our followers the most. This week, we will explore how headlines impact engagement, as well as the top three things that Baby Boomers require as they consider their future housing accommodations.


Headlines are the first impression that your audience receive from your content, and will likely determine whether they continue reading or move on to something else.

According to search engine optimization platform Conductor, many marketers appear to be making the same mistakes in the quest to develop original headlines that encourage their audience to take action. Readers are becoming increasingly aware of the true meaning behind these headlines, and no, that is not a good thing. Here are some of the most commonly used types of headlines that are turning readers away from your content according to the article:

  1. The Stroking the Ego Headline: It’s always a good idea to get insight from an industry leader or influencer, but are you really interested in their insight, or are you more concerned with them sharing the post with all of the followers on social media?
  2. The Click-Bait Email Subject Line: Often times, outlandish headlines will entice your audience to read the rest of your content, but is it worth damaging your credibility with them in the long run?
  3. The Ultimate Guide Headline: “Ultimate Guide” has replaced “For Dummies” in marketing jargon, thus lessening the effect that it will have on your audience.

There are plenty of takeaways for mature marketers on from this list. The most important is to invest the time it takes to create original headlines. After all, you can’t expect to stand out if you’re using the same click-bait headline that everyone else has already recycled. Your audience wants to know how your product or service is of use to them. As such, directness and transparency should be taken into careful consideration when creating a headline. Rather than delivering a vague message and hoping that someone clicks to read the message that follows, why not make a better first impression than the competition and tell your audience exactly what it is that you are offering that is of value to them in the headline? This will go a long way in establishing trust and credibility with your audience.

Read the rest of the list here.


A different view on a similar subject as our most clicked article, speaks to the fact that with a new generation moving into senior communities comes new must-have requirements for housing. According to this article by Multifamily Executive, the Baby Boomer generation will be changing the face of housing in the near future.

According to environmental gerontologist Dr. Jeffrey P. Rosenfeld:

“Boomers don’t want to buy into the kind of housing that was done by their grandparents.”

Whether downsizing to a senior living community or choosing to remain in their own homes, these three must-haves will go a long way in ensuring the best quality of housing for Baby Boomers:

  1. Adaptable Space: Baby Boomers want a place where they can work and play. Storage space is a necessity, and the ability to convert the office into a guest room for the grandchildren is definitely a plus.
  2. Homey Finishes: Downsizing doesn’t mean that Boomers should have to sacrifice personalizing their home. They still want luxurious, yet functional additions that will allow them to truly feel at home.
  3. Access: It is essential that Baby Boomers are close to their friends and family, and are a walkable distance to shopping centers, restaurants and gyms. According to Rosenfeld, this desire to for access is leading to the increasing popularity of communal arrangements where Boomers and building homes where they can live closer to friends and family.

Learn more about the 3 Baby Boomer Housing Must-Haves .

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