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Unveiling Innovation: A Recap of SMASH Conference 2023

The buzz of excitement filled the air as professionals from senior living gathered at the Senior Care Marketing & Sales Summit (SMASH) 2023 conference, held in Las Vegas, NV. The conference, dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge solutions in senior living sales and marketing, brought together some of the brightest minds and thought leaders from around the country.

’Ed Talks’: Marketing

Creating Results was among five other marketing agencies to deliver a short presentation on what makes them unique and their key performance indicators. For Creating Results, a full-service marketing agency, our uniqueness lies in the fact that we’re a boutique agency that develops customized solutions for each individual community we work with. Plus, with a name like Creating Results, metrics and ROI rank high on the list of what we offer our clients. Market knowledge and audience insights have always played a pivotal role in how we approach our marketing plans and creative messaging, and that approach has been bolstered by our latest research on the 50+ consumers.

We hope all who attended the Ed Talks walked away with some knowledge and the ability to hear what great offerings exist in the marketing space. Learn more about who Creating Results is.

Interactive workshops: Creating Results in action

We also had the opportunity to share our insights and results through an interactive session titled, “How Digital Marketers Can Show ROI by Supporting Their Sales Team.” Katie Beaver, Director of Client Solutions at Creating Results, was joined by Liz Fandel, Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer at FellowshipLife, for this captivating session. They walked through how the partnership between our two organizations has helped one of their newest properties not only change the perception in the market of this once-defunct community but also how marketing and sales work together to achieve results. Liz and Katie shared a real-world case study in which we learned how Creating Results and Friends Village, one of FellowshipLife’s communities, worked together to identify opportunities to increase digital performance and sales conversions. Attendees learned how they can apply these strategies to their own communities. Request a copy of the presentation.

The AI buzz

The big buzzword around the SMASH conference was around the use of artificial intelligence (AI). While many are accustomed to using it in the form of data-driven insights, targeting and personalization, there was much debate around whether AI can and should go beyond that and into marketing. Among the potential pros and cons that many were discussing throughout the week:

The potential benefits

  • Faster content generation
  • Predictive analytics and lead scoring
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants

The potential downsides

  • Impersonal touches versus a live salesperson
  • Lack of safety and security perceived by the 65+ prospect
  • Content that’s potentially too similar across multiple communities using the same tool
We would love to hear your thoughts on AI as it continues to evolve and spread into our industry. Feel free to comment below!

We hope you all had a SMASH-ing time in Las Vegas this year and look forward to seeing you all again in 2024!

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