Posted in on November 7, 2011

Top Mature Marketing Tweets of the Week

Tweet, tweet! Twitter now has more than 100 million active monthly users and Creating Results is one of them. Tweeting under the handle @CreatingResults we’ve tweeted more than 7500 times with links to new research, best practices, tips, insights and articles about marketing to baby boomers and seniors. Twitter bird

We’re honored that nearly 1000 people choose to follow and share our tweets. But, despite the rapid growth of Twitter, we know a lot of people interested in marketing to the mature consumer aren’t yet using this social/micro-blogging platform. Pew Internet & American Life has estimated that 13% of online adults use Twitter while 92% use email.

So, we’re introducing a new blog feature. Every Monday, we’ll bring you those tweets that were most shared/clicked/actionable/discussed during the past week. All with greater detail and delivered straight to your inbox.

Top Tweets This Week:

1. MOST CLICKED: Elderblogger Ronni Bennett ( tells the editors of the New York Times to stop using the word “elderly” and perpetuating ageism.

2. MOST SHARED: Associated Press & LifeGoesStrong Poll: Baby Boomers prioritize living near adult children or family (73%) over living in a community with people “of your own age” (27%) in retirement.

3. We love this idea from the LeadingAge 2011 Conference: Elie Wiesel promotes partnerships between children and elders in nursing homes.

4. We have @ChuckNyren to thank for this chuckle: 40 things that make old people happy … according to the stock photography so many organizations draw from.

(When you’re ready to invest in authentic photography that will move the sales needle, be sure to download our eBook with national “Photo Finish” research.)

5. Using Facebook for social engagement? You need to know that Facebook is showing your brand messages to more people, but fewer times. AdAge:

6. A new AARP surveys finds baby boomers and seniors are worried about today and tomorrow – specifically their own financial well being.

7. Do you want to reach Gen X and baby boomers? Consider radio advertising between 6a and 9a. Research from Magid Associates gets broken down at

Tell us what you think of this new feature! Use the comment section below or … Tweet @CreatingResults. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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