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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 6/3/12

Hello, Monday! Hello, June! Here are the resources and articles that earned the most clicks, shares and attention last week from mature marketing pros.

1. MOST CLICKED: The Uneven Aging of America. This interactive map from AdAge demonstrates how America’s aging population is not evenly distributed across the country. You can zoom in on various parts of the country or type in a zip code to see a little summary of the change in 65+ population.

Find the map at:

It’s telling to see how the 65+ population is not growing as fast in the Plains states/center of the country. But, as the comments accurately note, this would have been a more helpful tool if there had been more context relative to other age groups. If you’re curious about the cute labels given each town – for example, 22193 (our Woodbridge, Virginia office) is labeled a “Boom Town;” 02806 (our Barrington, RI office) is a “Monied Burb” – you’ll want to check out the “Patchwork Nation” website at

2. MOST SHARED: This quote came our way via Linda Bernstein, a baby boomer writer and blogger, and was the most re-tweeted and repeated item last week.Work hard and be nice to people

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

3. We frequently tout the power of email marketing over social media marketing on this blog. (Why? Because more baby boomers and seniors use email than use social.) And so we really appreciated Christopher S. Penn’s free webinar-on-demand with 18 ways to integrate social and email to achieve better results from both.

Get this terrific webinar at:

4. The caregiving obligations that the “sandwich generation” has taken on – elderly parents, boomerang kids, even grandchildren – aren’t just emotional. Time Magazine shares statistics on how caregiving impacts finances, including your ability to earn.

“Some 35% of boomers have been responsible for the care of an elderly parent,  according to an AARP survey. That is up from 26% in 1998. Meanwhile, half of  boomers are raising a young child, including grandkids, or providing financial  assistance to an adult child, according to Pew Research Center.”

Read the article at:


Did we miss a resource or article that you felt had great insights for marketers? If so, please share it in the comments below.

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