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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 8/13/12

HapTop online activities of boomers and seniors- an infographicpy Monday!  Erin is on vacation this week so it is my pleasure to bring to you the top 50+marketing links of the week.  Be sure to share your thoughts in our comment section.

MOST SHARED: It’s good to be king…our  infographic showcasing what baby boomers and seniors do online received a number of shares last week.  Email remains the #1 online activity. As marketers continue to become more aware of the spending power of boomers and seniors its is more important than ever to be sure your brand has a presence where your 50+ prospects spend the majority of their time.  Want to learn more?  Click here to download your copy.

MOST CLICKED: The latest research by Nielsen and BoomAgers via Marketing Charts reports that boomers control 70% of  disposable income in the US.  This report focused on a segment they dubbed “Techno Boomers” who are avid purchasers of new technology (it even reports they are 40% more likely to use iPhones and business-related social networking sites).  As to how much they spend online….a reported $7 billion a year.  Click here to read the full story.


1. Fitness programs for seniors among “Top 20 Fitness Trends for 2012”: Article within Montgomery Advertiser introduces some very active seniors and highlights results from a study of 2,600 fitness professionals.  Many noted the creation of “age-appropriate fitness programs” as a major trend in the industry as more and more seniors seek out more fitness options.

2. Senior housing  is of great interest among Institutional Real Estate investors per an article in Senior Housing News. More than a fifth of respondents (23%) noted investments in senior housing while another 13% plan to invest in the future.

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