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Mature Marketing Links of the Week- Twitter’s Future Plus Boomers and Cell Phones

Happy Monday! Below you’ll find the top mature marketing news of the last week that had people talking, clicking and sharing.  Have insights to share that you don’t see here?  Please be sure to include in comments below.


Mark W. Schaefer’s article and shared podcast regarding Twitters future as the company looks to go public received a lot of clicks this past week. In the article Schaefer discusses how Twitter is morphing into a platform that they hope Wall Street will love and, in turn,  one its many users will continue to utilize.

It’s in the process of becoming a public company which will inevitably affect how they monetize, where they monetize, and perhaps even influence the type of content they are willing to allow on the site.

It’s an interesting topic and one that marketers will certainly be paying close attention to as they continue to determine the role Twitter plays in their integrated marketing plans and how users will absorb its content.  If you have time I’d encourage you to listen to the associated podcast that examines how (and why) Twitter can be used for sharing content.  As for leveraging Twitter to reach boomers…our Social Silver Surfer research has found that this is a platform boomers and beyond aren’t necessarily flocking to, but it is important to consider when developing your content marketing plan.


Cell Phone UsageA graphic from Mashable outlining who uses cellphones and how had many hitting retweet this past week.  Based on recent findings by Pew Internet, this chart examines cell phone usage by age in categories ranging from getting directions to downloading apps.  According to Pew, 91% of Americans own a cell phone and use if for much more than just making phone calls.  Those age 50-64 are using primarily for sending and receiving text messages (75% of responses) and email.  65 plusers are also primarily using  for sending/receiving messages though at a significantly lower rate (only 35% reporting use).

The implications for those marketing to the mature consumer?  Think about the content you are creating and how it will be viewed.  In a day when more and more people are accessing information in a variety of avenues from PCs to smart phones your message needs to be properly conveyed to make the desired action easy to complete.

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