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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Granny Tech Advisor and Boomer Financial Security

Happy Monday and Happy Veterans Day.  We at Creating Results are grateful for the brave men and women who so selflessly serve and protect our freedoms – today (and everyday) we offer our thanks.  Now on to the mature marketing links of the week which had people talking, sharing and liking.  Have something else to share?  Please be sure to include in the comment section below.Granny Blogger

MOST SHARED: A Wall Street Journal article profiling Natalie Yellin, a 75-year old tech advisor for Square Inc. received a number of shares this past week.  This sweet story details what began as Yellin turning to Twitter as a way to reach her 30 year old grandson when he wasn’t returning her calls.  Her use of the social media platform had led to Yellin having a significant Twitter following and involvement in testing new releases for Square Inc.

Ms. Yellin, who was widowed a decade ago, adheres to a social-media routine. Upon arising, she seizes her iPad to begin trading good-morning messages to a group of about 50 people.

Ms. Yellin even receives social media love from senior members of the company, including Jack Dorsey who was a co-founder of Twitter before Square Inc.  This senior’s embrace of social media is a commentary on just how comfortable boomers and seniors are becoming with the medium… and a reminder that if you don’t call your grandmother she will find a way to track you down! Read the full article here.

MOST CLICKED: The University of Bristol in the UK recently shared findings regarding boomers and seniors financial satisfaction.  Interviewing boomers and seniors across 56 countries and 6 continents, the study found that the Swiss, followed by Norway, Sweden and Finland had the highest levels of satisfaction.  In the US 64% of participants reported being happy with their current financial situation.

“To put some of these results into context, the global average of financial satisfaction among younger individuals (aged 16-49) is 52 per cent, slightly lower than the figure for those aged 50 and above.  However, in Great Britain, there is a substantial and highly significant difference.  While 80 per cent of older Britons report being satisfied with their financial situation, only two-thirds (66 per cent) of those aged under 50 feel the same.”

Click here to learn more about the study.

eBook_SocialSilverSurfers2013.1.1.1SOCIAL, SILVER SURFERS: We appreciate the interest we’ve already seen in our Social, Silver Surfers eBook which was released this past week.  Our latest research picks up where we left off in 2010, examining Boomer and Senior preferences and insights for websites and social media.  Download your copy today and discover how you can make the most of  your digital marketing efforts to reach mature consumers.

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