Posted in on June 7, 2019

Roundup: A Look at New Caregiving Technology

As we look toward the future of caregiving, it’s evident that technology will have an increasing role to play. From artificial intelligence to robotic pets that monitor their owners’ well-being, the possibilities for senior care tech are seemingly endless.

In this month’s roundup, take a look at some of the emerging technology in the senior living industry and the impact they’re expected to have.

1. How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Health Care

All kinds of technology in the market are designed to help seniors after they’ve had an accident, but what’s being done to prevent falls and other accidents from happening in the first place? That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. Not only does it save time and money, it could start saving lives as well.

Find out more about how AI can help more people safely age in place in this Grit Daily article.

2. Privacy Concerns Arise as Seniors Continue to Embrace Technology

Health care technology has given seniors, caregivers and providers plenty of reasons to be excited about new solutions to common problems. But does all this new technology —including GPS trackers, smartphone apps and more — compromise the privacy of older adults?

Read more about seniors’ privacy concerns related to caregiving technology in this Next Avenue article.

3. Will Smart Pets Become the Norm?

No relationship is quite like the one between seniors and their (virtual) pets, right? As the virtual pet market continues to grow, a group of innovators at the University of Cincinnati are developing ways in which furry — and robotic — companions can monitor the health of older adults and help prevent accidents in their homes.

Find out more in this article from Eureka Alert.

4. Seniors Living in a Virtual Reality

Who says virtual reality (VR) is only for kids? With VR programs that help seniors with memory, movement, socialization and several other aspects of their daily lives, experts believe it will become the norm with this age group sooner rather than later.

This article from The News-Gazette outlines many of the benefits of virtual reality programs for seniors.

5. The “Uber” of Senior Care

What if seniors could request the care they need in the same way so many people request a ride from services such as Uber and Lyft? With the Homage mobile app — launched in 2016 — older adults in Singapore have access to the care services they need, right at their fingertips.

Learn more about this how this app is helping to connect seniors to care professionals in this article from Singapore Management University.

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