Posted in on February 27, 2020

Roundup: Baby Boomers in 2020

The new year means new insights into the attitudes and desires of the Baby Boomer demographic and how industry marketers can leverage this knowledge to drive sales. In this month’s roundup, we’ll look at what industry experts say is on the horizon for Baby Boomers in 2020.

1. Is Social Media Ruining Your Life? Baby Boomers in 2020 Say, “No!”

Close to 84% of Baby Boomers say that social media improves their lives. That’s the highest percentage of any generation. A recent study into the digital habits of Americans provides insights into the demographics and psychographics of social media users and how use of these platforms affects their happiness with life.

Get a look at the study’s most impactful findings on

2. How Baby Boomers in 2020 Are Using Social Media

From Boomers to Millennials, social media has become a part of daily life for all generations. While members of each cohort can be found on many of the same platforms, especially Facebook and YouTube, the ways in which one generation uses social media differs from the next.

Find out more about how Baby Boomers use social media to make purchase decisions in this article from Forbes.

3. Should Boomers Relocate or Remodel?

Baby Boomers in 2020 are unlike any generation that came before them. They’re working longer in life and looking forward to remodeling their homes rather than retiring to a community. The way many Boomers see it, 60 is the new 40, and they’re putting off the move to senior communities for as long as possible. But is that the best choice?

Learn more about the pros and cons for Baby Boomers who wish to age in place in this article from Kiplinger.

4. Do Boomers Prefer the Simple Life Over the City Life?

Are urban locales really the most desirable for Baby Boomers in 2020? Numbers suggest the answer is “no.” Over the last two decades, the percentage of Boomers living in cities has decreased. So why do we keep hearing that Baby Boomers are dreaming of the city life?

The myth of the urban Boomer is broken down in this New York Times article.

Group of cheerful pensioners having a walk outdoors and shopping in city centre – Senior group of friends bonding and having fun

5. Smartphones Are the Smart Choice for Baby Boomer Health

Baby Boomers in 2020 aren’t just using their smartphones to research and make purchase decisions. Nearly 30% of this demographic are using smartphones to monitor their health as well, according to a new study from AARP. Are there opportunities for senior housing organizations to adopt more health care tech in their communities?

Learn more about the growing adoption of health care technology among Baby Boomers in 2020 in this article from Becker’s Hospital Review.

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