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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – PR Myths, Senior Living Selling Points

I can’t help but start the day thinking of a dear friend of Creating Results, Bill Shaevel. Bill, a dynamic Boston lawyer of Jewish ancestry, got his start working for Tip O’Neill. And so he began every conversation with “Top of the Morning!” It made my Irish heart glad.

Top of the morning to all our readers!

Today’s top links of the week cover quite a few topics — public relations, repositioning, sales centers, TV. A reminder that successful 50+ marketing requires integration and strategy. Enough of the blarney … on with the resources.

1. MOST SHARED: As the new homes and senior living markets pick up, so has investment in sales centers. Today’s versions go beyond displays of tile and carpet, as Kimberly Miller reported in the Palm Beach Post.

“Homebuyers can find so much out about communities online, such as designs, pricing and the site plan of the neighborhood, that they don’t need as much procedural information from the sales center. Where once the walls may have been covered with only printouts of floor plans and bulleted design details, now there are accessories that try to evoke an emotional response.”

Miller said many builders try to keep secret the high-tech, new gadgets in their sales center. Fortunately for her, Creating Results’ Todd Harff was happy to talk about one low-tech, old school tool: the topography table.

“‘With the 55-plus, we recognize they will still need some traditional displays,’ said Harff, who also uses brighter lighting in 55-plus sales centers to increase the feeling of vitality.”

Read the article for more of Todd’s insights:

2. MOST CLICKED: Think PR is not needed in this digital age? Think again. In 2010, our team set out to debunk this and three other myths of public relations, and the topic continues to command interest. A tweet with a link to the newsletter article became the most clicked item of the week. Economic development pro George Harben added his two cents:

Tweet - pr is needed for web traffic

Read the post and share your own thoughts in the comments:

3. Also of note:

* Senior living sees wellness as selling point for repositioning. Senior Housing News looks at communities expanding their continuum with subacute care and therapy.

* Baby boomers and seniors are least likely to watch video on a smartphone, most likely to watch TV. Marketing Charts

Chart - age distribution of multimedia video viewers. Nielsen

* A social site called Quora allows people to post any type of question. Stan Hayward’s answer to “What does it feel like to be old?” is a must-read.

This Saint Paddy’s Day and always, “may the wind be always at your back.”

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