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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Smart Search Engine Marketing, Smartphones

Happy Leap Day! The calendar is generously giving us a few extra hours — for work, for folly, for whatever.

In that spirit, we’ll try to give you a little something extra in this weekly round-up of the links that rose to the top with boomer and senior marketing pros in recent days.

MOST SHARED: Creating Results’ Director of Media Strategies Amanda Combs has a talent for making complex media changes more easily understood and acted adwords logo

Last week she examined and explained a recent search engine marketing change. Google has decided to eliminate the paid search text ads that appeared in the right side-bar when you used their system.

As Amanda wrote:

“Most senior living and housing marketers have realized (or your agency has advised you) that Paid Search campaigns( sometimes called Pay-Per-Click ads or PPC) on major search engines are a cost-effective, rather immediate way to reach your target audience who are actively searching for information you likely have.

Google’s AdWords product reaches the largest audience in paid search. Let’s be honest here: Google is the king, at least for now.”

If you’re looking for the keys to remaining visible in Google’s kingdom, click below to read the post.

Amanda offers 3 steps and terrific insights into this latest algorithm change:

MOST CLICKED: Marketing is becoming more digital and more mobile by the day (even on Leap Day). Yet, for those of us marketing to baby boomers and beyond, it’s important to keep the specific behaviors of our audience in mind.

For example, our favorite targets are still under-indexing for smartphone ownership and use, per a  new eMarketer report.

“Many boomers have smartphones. But this “many” does not rise to the level of “most.” eMarketer estimates that 87.4% of boomers will have a mobile phone this year—close to the figures for millennials (95.1%) and Gen Xers (94.4%). The big difference comes in the percentage of mobile phone owners who have smartphones: 64.4% among boomers, vs. 88.6% among millennials and 83.2% among Gen Xers.”

Not only do boomers underindex today, eMarketer projects they will continue to trail younger cohorts in ownership over the next five years.

Chart - baby boomer smartphone penetration 2014 to 2019 - eMarketer

Learn more:

LEAPIN’ LIZARDS: A little something extra …

We highly recommend this video on “Untangling the Customer Journey” with two leading thought-leaders: Mark Schaefer and Brian Solis. Click play below, or view on YouTube by following this link:


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