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Trust and Tech: Mature Marketing Links of the Week

Happy Monday! Each week we explore the mature marketing stories and insights from the past week that had people talking. This week, we explore McKnight’s Senior Living’s four lessons learned in the wake of the recent cyber attacks and a survey from eMarketer regarding trust (or lack of) in self-driving cars.

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Most Clicked: 4 Lessons from Tech Wake Up Calls

McKnight’s Senior Living recently shared insights they called “tech wake up calls” in the event of online security threats at senior living communities. The post was so timely in light of the recent cyber attack news. While critical for those at any organization that captures information digitally, the reminders are also helpful for the general public.

Here are some tips the author, Lois A. Bowers, provided to ensure you aren’t on the wrong-side of a cyber attack:
1.    Be sure to install your system’s latest security updates on all devices (both at home and at work).
2.    Review account statements and monitor your credit reports so you can immediately spot issues if they should arise.
3.    Never answer or click on a suspicious email.
4.    Don’t click on pop-ups encouraging you to call support for your computer.

As someone who has had their information compromised, I can tell you that vigilance and monitoring are so important. For senior living organizations, the ability to help our residents safe-guard themselves digitally (and to ensure as an organization we are protecting our data as much as possible) is critical.

When Creating Results conducted our Social, Silver Surfers national research, we discovered that privacy and a concern for the safety of information shared online (even when signing up for an email program) top the list of digital concerns among Boomers and beyond, AND prevent many from engaging digitally.

So, I would challenge all to review IT policies and ensure you are doing what you can to prevent your organization from any potential risks. In addition, help your senior living residents feel more informed and comfortable when it comes to spotting potential dangers they may encounter online.

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Most Shared: Boomers and Seniors Just Say NO When it Comes to Self-Driving Cars

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with the possibility of self-driving cars. As someone who won’t even use cruise control, I doubt I’ll ever take advantage of self-driving cars myself, but the idea of that kind of technology fascinates me. Another cohort who aren’t excited about this new technology in cars…Baby Boomers.

According to a research from J.D. Power that was cited in recent article from eMarketer, it’s the younger generations that indicate that they would trust a self-driving automobile. In fact, 44% of Boomer and beyond survey respondents indicated that they wouldn’t trust these vehicles (an increase from previous surveys).

For those Boomers that would trust a self-driving car, 42% said they would spend the time in the car watching the road.

For marketers targeting Boomers and seniors, I translate this learning to the use of new and shiny technology to amplify your organization and offerings. Before you do it, consider your audience and their DESIRE to even use it. If the overwhelming response is that they wouldn’t, you would be best served investing in other channels.

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