Posted in on March 5, 2018

Will Micro CCRCs Become the New Senior Living Trend?

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t packed with engaging content and thought starters from the senior living industry. Catch up on the latest news stories from the past month, ranging from one developer’s new approach to the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) concept to a journalist’s wake-up call to the younger generations.

1. Will Micro CCRCs Become the Norm?

The Avamere Family of Companies is a well-known skilled nursing provider planning on shaking up the senior living industry with a new concept: micro CCRCs. Avamere is planning on building its newest community in St. George, Utah, with multiple dining options, concierge services and upscale amenities, but no skilled nursing.

Read more about how this new approach will appeal to the incoming generation of senior living residents on Senior Housing News.

2. Skilled Nursing Industry Combats Negative Press

Skilled nursing is currently facing a wave of negative press, which was even covered in an article by Time magazine in October of 2017. All of this attention has shone a light on the elder care industry as a whole and presents an opportunity for industry leaders to be catalysts of change.

Read Skilled Nursing News take on the negative publicity currently plaguing the skilled nursing industry.

3. Fast Casual Dining Growing in Popularity at CCRCs

If your CCRC is planning on adding yet another upscale dining venue to the community, you may want to think twice. With its growing popularity, some of the nation’s leading providers are forgoing luxury dining venues in their communities in favor of fast casual options offering customized food orders and stylish menus.

Read more about senior living’s growing fast casual dining trend on Senior Housing News.

4. It’s Time for Millennials to Stop Complaining, Says a Baby Boomer 

Baby Boomers and Millennials have butted heads on a number of issues, including the housing crisis. In this article, The Independent’s Sean O’Grady gives his reasons why Millennials should stop complaining and count their blessings instead.

Read more about the struggles Baby Boomers have face in their lifetime as told by Sean O’Grady on The Independent.

5. Finding the Perfect Provider-Agency Partnership 

The relationship between a provider and its partner agency is an important one, and finding the right agency isn’t always easy. Are you asking the right questions in your search for the perfect partner?

Find out the five most important questions you should be asking potential agency partners by visiting our Mature Marketing Matters blog.

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