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What Websites Do Seniors Use Most in 2024?

Understanding the digital habits of older adults is crucial for marketers targeting senior living and 55+ communities. By knowing which websites seniors use, you can tailor your marketing strategies to reach this audience more effectively. According to Google, these sites are among the top 10 most accessed by older adults:

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2. Alliance for Retired Americans

3. Third Age Media

4. Facebook

5. YouTube

6. Social Security Administration

7. WebMD

8. Mayo Clinic

9. Eldercare Directory

10. National Senior Citizens Law Center

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Why websites popular among older adults matters to marketers

Let’s dive into how this information can benefit your marketing efforts. Knowing which websites older adults use most provides invaluable insights for marketers aiming to reach this demographic. Here’s why this information is essential:

1. Targeted advertising

Understanding the digital habits of older adults enables you to effectively reach them where they are. You can place ads and even sponsored content on the websites they frequent. For instance, running ads on Facebook or YouTube can help you reach a broad senior audience effectively. Learn more about the social media habits of seniors.

2. Content creation

Creating content that resonates with older adults is easier when you know their preferred websites. For example, writing lifestyle articles that could be featured on a site like AARP aligns your content with your audience’s interests and needs. Good content is useful and usable to your audience — it should benefit them, not you. Promotional content might paint you in a great light, but what incentive does anyone have to read it?

On the flip side, if you provide helpful content, your target audience will not only want to come back for more, but they’ll associate your brand with providing trusted, usable resources.

3. Building trust

Speaking of trust, older adults tend to trust well-established sources like AARP and the Mayo Clinic. By associating your brand with these trusted platforms, perhaps by placing display ads via digital ad networks, you can benefit from that credibility and trust.

4. Community engagement

Websites like Facebook and YouTube provide opportunities for community engagement. By participating in groups and discussions, you can foster relationships and engage with potential customers on a more personal level.

While TikTok is more popular among the younger demographic, a growing number of senior influencers — or graninfluencers — are making their mark on the platform.

5. Informing campaign strategies

The preferences of older adults can inform your broader marketing strategies. For example, knowing that computer knowledge is a priority for this demographic might prompt you to bring in an expert to lead a series of free classes for local seniors (and potential prospects). Learn more about what seniors do online.

Leverage audience data

Understanding the websites older adults use most is crucial for crafting effective marketing strategies. By leveraging the popularity of these platforms, you can better reach and engage with prospective residents. Remember, the key to successful marketing lies in understanding your audience’s habits and preferences. By staying informed about the digital behavior of older adults, you can tailor your marketing efforts to effectively meet their needs.

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