Posted in on May 9, 2019

Roundup: Why You Should Be Journey Mapping


If you’ve had the opportunity to connect with us at a conference recently, you may have noticed our commitment to journey mapping. That’s because we’ve seen firsthand the positive results that taking a more customer-centric approach in your sales and marketing can have in the senior living industry.

In this month’s roundup, we share insights from marketers who have seen success after adopting the journey mapping approach.

The Problem with the Classic Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a tool that’s been widely accepted by salespeople for decades, but it’s not without its flaws. When compared with the journey map, the sales funnel suggests the customer’s journey is always linear, which isn’t the case given the evolving marketplace.

Business 2 Community details the traditional sales funnel’s five biggest shortcomings.

Adopting a “Customer-First” Culture with Journey Mapping

The first part of committing to journey mapping is making the decision to put the customer’s needs above the company’s. This kind of culture change is challenging, but not impossible if you’re able to place yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Tips for how you can adopt a customer-first mindset from Entrepreneur.

7 Steps for Understanding Your Customer’s Journey

Think the customer journey stops after a purchase is made? Think again. Following these seven steps will give you a better foundation for creating your journey map and minimize the negative experiences your customers have.

Find out more in this article by CustomerThink.

Curating the “Perfect” Journey for Your Customer

One of the reasons why journey mapping is becoming so popular with marketers is because of its more customer-centric approach to sales. But a journey map is only useful if it includes all the necessary elements needed to guide your prospect on the path to purchase.

ClickThrough Marketing details the 10 essential elements needed to create the perfect journey map.

Creating the Journey of a Lifetime for Your Customers

Nurturing your relationship with prospects is an important part of journey mapping. By creating a personalized experience for each customer and adapting parts of their journey based on their feedback, you can create a loyal base of individuals who will become advocates for your brand long after the sale is made.

Find out the steps you can follow to create a map for a lifetime relationship with your customers in this Business 2 Community article.

Journey Mapping for the Senior Living Industry

Wondering how you can apply the customer journey map when marketing your community? Find out more in our video below:

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