Posted in on July 10, 2023

What Social Media Do Seniors Use Most?

By now, most 55+ and senior living marketers know that older adults are online and active on social media. In fact, 43% of adults 50+ report using social media daily, says AARP. But which social platforms do they use the most? How can you reach seniors as they engage on social media? Read on to find out.

First up: Facebook

While Facebook may be losing popularity with younger generations, the social media giant provides an easy way for older adults to stay connected with friends and family (and see and share those coveted grandkid photos!). But it’s not only about sharing photos or status updates. Many seniors are also engaged in Facebook groups, sharing their hobbies, supporting their favorite causes and even discussing book clubs or health tips.

Why is Facebook popular among seniors?

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • The ability to easily connect with family and friends.
  • Facebook’s massive community — everyone’s there!

THE PROOF: According to recently released research from AARP, 71% of adults 50+ are on Facebook. In Creating Results’ own independent research, of 55+ adults who are active on social media, 60% say they use Facebook at least once a day. They report that social interaction, entertainment and current events are the most popular reasons seniors use the platform.

YouTube: More than just entertainment

Moving from text and images to videos, YouTube also tops the charts of the most popular social media platforms for seniors. Who said seniors don’t appreciate a good video?

YouTube is more than just a platform for entertainment; it’s a learning hub for the 50+ generation. Do-it-yourself videos, news, health tips, cooking recipes — you name it, YouTube has it. It enables seniors to be both consumers and creators of content.

Why do seniors love YouTube?

  • Diverse content — from entertainment to education.
  • The option to watch content at one’s own pace.
  • Accessibility features, like adjustable text size and captions.

THE PROOF: According to AARP’s report, 51% of adults ages 50+ use YouTube. In Creating Results’ independent research, 88% of mature consumers report using YouTube at least weekly. And while it’s a popular platform for entertainment, it’s also the most popular social media platform for research and education. What more, many communities haven’t invested significant resources in video, meaning there’s likely plenty of opportunity for your community to stand out.

In social media, age is just a number

No matter the platform, the reasons why seniors are embracing social media are universal:

  • To stay connected: Whether it’s with family across the country or old friends from their hometown, social media bridges distances.
  • For information and learning: Social media offers a wealth of knowledge, from health and wellness to news and current affairs. It’s the new-age library for seniors.
  • Community building: Joining groups of like-minded individuals fosters a sense of community. Gardening, art, travel — there’s a group for every interest!

So next time you wonder, “What social media do seniors use most?” remember, it’s not just about the platform. It’s about connection, information and community. And with the right approach, your message can resonate powerfully with this growing, engaged audience.

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