Posted in on September 10, 2009

Mature, Affluent, Educated and LinkedIn

Part 4 of a series on using social media for marketing to Baby Boomers and beyond.


Where can you be virtually guaranteed to find affluent, educated and mature consumers online? Try LinkedIn. For companies targeting younger matures (the tip of Gen X, Gen Jones/trailing edge Baby Boomers and those in between), the fourth most popular social networking site  offers several marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn describes their average user as a male, 41 years old, with an annual household income of roughly $109,000.


As blogger Steve Schultz put it, “This is clearly the result of the nature of the website and its purpose.”

If your purpose is to influence 40+ matures, including Gen X and trailing edge Baby Boomers, here are five ways LinkedIn could help:

• Web site traffic and brand exposure. Searchers of all ages can find you on LinkedIn, then move to a corporate site.

• Trust. It’s a critical factor in a mature consumer’s decision to purchase.  You can build trust by providing easy access to background information on company executives.  Seniors will spot a phony a mile away; a public profile on LinkedIn can help show you’re the real deal.

Advertising. (And no, we don’t make commissions.) Those using LinkedIn to make connections in their professional lives are also consumers.  They are open to services that make their personal lives easier.  And most companies don’t block access to LinkedIn during the day as they might Facebook or other social networking sites.  The service offers advertising options for budgets “large” or “small.”

• Referrals. In 2007, eMarketer reported that “nearly all (89%) of Baby Boomers who were asked for advice gave it to their friends, or fellow boomers. And nearly all boomers (93%) say that they consider their friends (also boomers) to be trusted sources of information.” 45% of Boomer recommendations were made online, and LinkedIn features many tools to encourage this type of word-of-mouth.

• Matchmaking. With LinkedIn, you can even find nationally-recognized generational marketing agencies to help you reach your goals with Baby Boomers and beyond.

Share your thoughts: will LinkedIn play a part in your mature marketing efforts? 

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