Posted in on January 21, 2013

Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 1/21/13

Apparently, you marketing pros who follow Creating Results on Twitter and other platforms just love lists and tables. How do we know? The attention paid to those links this past week.

1. MOST CLICKED/MOST SHARED: 30 careless mistakes that will totally muck up your marketing. This is a terrific list of what not to do from HubSpot. As Pamela Vaughan wrote,

“Truth be told, just like little tweaks can make a big, positive impact on your marketing ROI, there are also a lot of simple, careless mistakes you can make that will do the complete opposite, ruining the effect of your marketing efforts, and oftentimes making you look like a fool along the way. So how do we prevent these silly mistakes from happening? I mean, we’re only human, right? There’s no secret sauce, but your best bet is to be aware of some common screw-ups, and well … be more careful.”

Read the post:

#12 is one I personally tend to make — not setting links to open in a new window. What about you? Help us all improve and share your common oooopses in the comments section.

Social Media users - statistics, demographics, users by age income gender education2. Social Media “Cheat Sheet.” This overview of the major social networking platforms offers statistics and demographics. Find out more about the age, income level, gender and education of social networkers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

It also gives an idea of the size of each network’s user base, which of course changed the minute we pressed “print.” This week Nate Riggs shared news that the number of active Facebook users decreased in December and Twitter’s membership has increased by 60 million since March of 2012.

Download the Cheat Sheet PDF:


We hope you list lovers will appreciate that we’ve kept this week’s list short-but-sweet. See you next Monday!

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