Posted in on January 10, 2019

Roundup: Our Most Popular 2018 Content

It’s a new year and we’re already working on new content about some of the hot topics in senior living and 55+ real estate.

But first, here’s a look at our most popular posts from 2018. Find out which topics kept readers coming back for more and discover content you may have missed the first time around!

1. Infographic: What Do Seniors Do Online?

Adults ages 50 and over are no longer strangers to the internet — it’s become as much a part of their daily routine as it has for younger generations. But how are they spending their time online?

Get the facts and stats related to seniors’ online behavior and download a complimentary infographic that will help guide how you target the older demographics in your marketing.

2. How Seniors Interact with Social Media

Creating Results Senior Client Services Director Beth Mickey recapped the findings from Pew Research’s latest study on social media use across all age groups. Marketers who target Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation will find this post especially helpful as social media’s influence in marketing strategies continues to increase.

Learn three key insights that will influence how you target seniors on social media.

3. Radio Is Still a Star with Baby Boomers

Don’t be so quick to cut radio from your marketing strategy just yet. Audio marketing is making a comeback. As such, one of our posts from 2010 detailing the benefits of radio advertising to Baby Boomers was a big hit in 2018.

Find out more about why you should continue to include radio advertising in your marketing strategy.

You can also check out our 2018 update to this post detailing all of the new opportunities for reaching Baby Boomers through audio marketing.

4. Senior Living Trends for 2018

One of our first posts last year was also one of our most popular. In this post, we recapped trends expected to shape the senior living industry as predicted by some of the industry’s leading publications.

Which predictions were accurate and which ones fell a little wide of the mark? You be the judge!

5. How Seniors Use Smartphones in 2018

Technology was a hot topic for our Mature Marketing Matters blog in 2018. In the US, 46% of adults ages 65+ own a smartphone compared to 75% of adults ages 50-64. These stats were enough to attract readers to our post on smartphone and tablet usage by seniors and the implications that increased use of mobile devices will have on marketing.

Learn why you should optimize your website for mobile use in order to increase conversions.

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