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We are Baby Boomers & We are Here to Stay

To help kick off your Monday, here is a recap of the most engaging content across Creating Results’ social channels from the previous week.

This week, we analyze the consumption of traditional TV and the decline (or lack thereof) for different age groups. As well as how retailers are losing dollars because of their lack of focus on baby boomers.

Most Clicked: Traditional TV and Age Group Trends

A recent article on Marketing Charts focuses on traditional TV viewing habits and the decline among some age groups within this avenue. The article shares data from the latest Nielsen TV viewing figures, which show a decline of 1 plus hours per week for the 18-24 age group compared to the previous year, the smallest decline for this age group in three years.

The Nielsen data contains some key information for marketers who focus on the mature consumer: Adults 50-64 have increased their viewing habits by 6 minutes and those who are 65 and better, increase of 2.1% from 2015.


What does this mean for us as mature marketing gurus? Traditional TV is still (and will continue to be) relevant to our consumer.  Per the article, the 55-64 age group watch only 10.5% of TV programs online while only 5.1% of 65 plus TV time is online.

View the full article here.

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Most Shared: Baby Boomers being Left Behind by the Retail Industry

When it comes to spending power, the baby boomers take the cake. So why is there a focus on marketing to millennials? shared insights from an ICLP study that found Boomers often feel overlooked and underappreciated when it comes to a brand’s marketing. In fact, retailers’ lack of focus on baby boomers causes the generation to jump to competitors — they aren’t brand loyal.

74% of baby boomers feel they aren’t rewarded for their brand advocacy and only 46% feel their loyalty is appreciated from their favorite brand. Did you receive a ‘Happy Birthday” note from your favorite brands? 68% of boomers aren’t greeted for their birthday, per ICLP research.

Marketers have the opportunity to recognize boomers on special days and thus build a brand relationship with their consumer by simply acknowledging milestones.

With too great a focus on millennials, retailers and marketers are missing an opportunity to cash in on this affluent generation. Creating content and creative campaigns around this influential group will help increase their connection with the brand around 71%, says the article.

Here are a few other action steps from the article for marketing to baby boomers:

  • Interact with baby boomers via social media or the brand’s website — ensure you are responding to the consumer in a timely manner with a solution
  • Consistently recommend products and services to baby boomers — this can be done through email/newsletter, remarketing, and/or direct mail
  • Relate the product to the generation, explain how the features benefit the consumer

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Special thanks to Kevin Lavery for engaging with us around baby boomer shopping habits!


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