Posted in on October 16, 2023

Senior Living Sales: Ending the Year Strong

The final quarter of 2023 has arrived, and you may be wondering how to ensure your senior living sales team finishes the year on a high note. Good news — we can help you strengthen your senior living sales approach and close the year strong.

1. Leverage the holidays

Get festive:

Q4 has a variety of holidays you can use to your advantage. Host holiday-themed events or open houses that showcase your community’s spirit. Invite prospects to join in and experience firsthand the vibrant environment they can be a part of. See more holiday marketing ideas.

2. Don’t assume families want to wait until after the holidays

Take advantage of influencers:

When other salespeople are on vacation or focusing on next year, it’s the perfect time to follow up with prospects, especially if other family members are around who may be influential in the decision-making process. Help your prospects to see the benefits of deciding now, so they can cherish holiday traditions and get help from visiting family members to prepare for a move in the new year.

3. Offer exclusive Q4 promotions

Entice with value:

End-of-year discounts or exclusive packages can be a game-changer. Families might be on the fence about making a decision, and a timely promotion can tip the scales in your favor. Or, now may be a good time to increase incentives for referrals.

4. Use data and feedback

Adapt and overcome:

Use data from the year’s past quarters to pinpoint where you’ve succeeded and where there’s room for improvement. If a particular strategy worked well in Q2, maybe it’s worth revisiting. Equally, listen to feedback from residents and families to make necessary improvements.

5. Use your CRM

Get back to basics:

Do you have a backlog of past-due activities? Too many people in your “warm” pipeline? Making common sales mistakes? Dust off your sales 101 skills by cleaning up your opportunities, focusing on meeting weekly activity goal numbers and strategizing on how to move your “hot” prospects to a close. Bonus: You’ll be set up for success in Q1 with an accurate pipeline and on-time activities.

6. Invest in continuous training

Sharpen your skills:

The senior living industry is always evolving. Ensure your team stays ahead of the curve by investing in sales training. Whether you focus on effective sales strategies or optimizing discovery, staying updated ensures you’re always offering the best to your future residents. See one of our client’s sales training results.

7. Foster team collaboration

Strength in teamwork:

Senior living sales doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Regularly meet with your team, share insights and brainstorm new ideas. An approach that worked for one salesperson might work for another. And when the team is motivated and aligned, success is more easily attained.

8. Stay updated on industry trends

Knowledge is power:

Is there a new trend in senior living that’s catching on? Maybe it’s tech-based solutions for seniors or unique wellness programs. Stay updated and incorporate these into your sales pitches. When you’re on top of the game, prospects take notice.

9. Celebrate small wins

Every milestone matters:

Finally, while the end goal is crucial, it’s also important to celebrate the small milestones. Every sale, every satisfied family, and every positive feedback is a step toward success. Celebrating these boosts morale and drives the team to achieve more.

To wrap it up, while Q4 comes with its challenges, it’s also bursting with opportunities. With the right approach and strategies, nothing is stopping you from making your sales figures shine. Remember, it’s all about blending compassion with strategy, personalizing your approach and ensuring that every senior feels right at home. Finish strong and set the tone for an even more successful upcoming year!

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