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Roundup: Aging in Place and Universal Design

May was the unofficial universal design and aging in place month here at Creating Results. From blog posts to webinars, we engaged in a lot of discourse about how to optimize living spaces for older adults — and the industry did, too. So what better way to round up last month’s most engaging content than by taking a look at what the industry is saying about one of our favorite topics? Find out more about from industry experts in this month’s roundup.

1. Aging in Place Not Without Its Risks

Aging-in-place experts Lauren Harrington and Ben Cangeleri educated seniors about universal design at the Clifton Park Senior Community Center in New York as part of Older Americans Month in May. During their presentation, titled “Home Modifications for Tomorrow,” they revealed the leading causes for seniors being hospitalized while still living in their own homes.

Find out more about the leading causes in the Saratogian News.

2. Room-by-Room Home Modifications for Aging in Place

By 2060, the number of adults ages 65 and over in America is expected to double to 96 million (as evidenced in the chart below). And yet, with the changing landscape of senior living options, programs that help seniors age in place are likely to grow in popularity.

source: United States Census Bureau

Universal design specialist Lynda Shrager reveals how each room in a home can modified for optimal accessibility in an article for The Altamont Enterprise.

3. The Silver Tsunami

The growth of Americans ages 65 and over, otherwise known as the “silver tsunami,” is predicted to have a large impact on the real estate market. New trends are expected to take shape as members of the silver tsunami decide where they will spend their golden years.

Find out which trends senior living professionals should be looking out for on Curbed.

4. Tips for Aging in Place

A lot of thought goes into modifying a home so that it meets the requirements for a suitable aging-in-place experience. Should you use ceramic tile or porcelain tile? Where is the ideal location for the mudroom? And should you declutter or downsize first?

Receive the answers to these questions and more in this Detroit News article.

5. Universal Design in Japan’s Auto Industry

Universal design isn’t just limited to housing. Increasing tourism is stretching Japan’s transportation system to its limit, but Toyota’s new JPN Taxi is believed to be the answer to the country’s commuting woes.

With Japan having the largest population of adults over age 65, Toyota has taken the steps necessary to ensure that the JPN Taxi meets the universal design needs of older adults.

Find out more in the Japan Times.

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