Posted in on June 18, 2020

Roundup: The Latest Senior Living Social Distancing News

Even as states begin to reopen, many senior living social distancing precautions will be in place for the foreseeable future.

This month, we’re looking at the latest senior living social distancing news and how the current pandemic could bring about change to the current senior living model as we know it.

1. Senior Living Social Distancing May Force the Industry to Change Sooner

One important takeaway from the COVID-19 crisis is that senior living communities aren’t currently prepared to withstand the challenges a pandemic can present. As providers examine the adverse effects senior living social distancing has had on community residents, leaders in the industry are deliberating what changes need to take place in senior living communities as they look to establish the new normal.

Learn more about proposed changes to the current industry model in this article from Barron’s.

2. Industry Has Big Plans for the Small-House Model

As industry leaders rethink community models amid senior living social distancing concerns, we could see more providers begin to favor the small-house model.

Some small-house communities have been able to follow senior living social distancing guidelines without disrupting their residents’ daily lives as much as communities operating on a more traditional model. Experts are contemplating whether small-house communities may be better equipped to face the challenges of a pandemic based on anecdotal evidence.

This Senior Housing News article details the benefits of the small-house model, especially in the wake of current events.


3. Senior Living Social Distancing Puts a New Spin on Community Activities

Count on activity directors at senior living communities to get creative in the name of fun. Senior living social distancing guidelines have made it so that in-person activities are largely on hold at many communities. But that doesn’t mean residents can’t be engaged virtually.

From concerts and armchair travel to movie nights and online games, get 23 ideas for activities you can introduce to your community as residents continue social distancing. Discover more on A Place for Mom.

4. Caring for Older Adults During a Pandemic Is a Balancing Act

There’s ongoing debate regarding how we can keep residents at senior living communities safe. As we try to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in these communities, we may be increasing the likeliness of confusion, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, clinical neurologist and founder of the Brain Health Center, Inc. outlined a five-step plan for achieving the needed balance for keeping seniors safe in their communities and reducing the risks of loneliness and isolation due to social distancing.

Learn more in the article he contributed to The Hill.

5. Tips for Recruiting During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted the recruiting efforts of businesses in countless industries and changed what the recruitment process looks like. Now, companies are embracing virtual interviews and even looking outside of their industries to fill needed positions.

Discover 3 tips for recruiting senior living community staff during this time in this Senior Housing News article.

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