Posted in on April 30, 2021

5 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Convert in 2021

How are your landing pages converting? Are you getting your money’s worth out of your ad spend? 

Landing pages are a core pillar to an effective marketing strategy. They support your paid search traffic (Google, Bing, etc), your social media marketing, your media ads on radio and TV, as well as your direct mail and billboard marketing. 

Landing pages give you the opportunity to get in front of your target audience as they search for solutions to their problems. An effective landing page will not only drive conversions, but it will do so at a lower cost to your ad-spend.

Wondering how to create effective landing pages that convert at an optimized price point in 2021? That’s exactly what this blog will show you how to do.

1. Create Landing Pages for Every Audience

Paid search campaigns provide the perfect case study for tailoring landing pages to different audiences. An effective paid search strategy will target different audiences through different keywords that are used throughout your landing page copy.

For example, adults looking for a senior living community for themselves might use keywords such as “best places to retire” or “senior communities in Florida.” On the other hand, someone who is looking for a senior living community for a loved one might use keywords such as “senior living transition for your parents” or “can I live with my parents in a 55+ community?” Separate landing pages that address the concerns of each of these audiences through targeted keywords will go a long way towards driving your conversion rate.

2. Be Benefit-Forward

Highlight how your product or service offerings can improve your prospect’s life. Your prospect won’t care about the nitty gritty details that set you apart from your competitors. They care about how you can solve their problems.

Your prospect will walk to pleasure, but they will sprint from pain. This is human nature. Your features are the pleasure aspects that your prospects will enjoy but they care more about how you can fix what is hurting them most, which you can address through your benefits.

3. Use Compelling and Personalized Copy

Writing compelling and personalized copy breathes life into your landing page. It’s how you create landing pages for different types of audiences and how you ensure your page is benefit-forward.

What makes compelling and personalized copy? For starters, a thorough understanding of your target audience. Who are they? What are they searching for? What problems do they have and how can you solve them? Your copy should address the concerns of your target audience. This is the personalized aspect of your copy.

To write compelling copy, you need to not only address the pain points of your target audience, but also make your copy entirely about them. People hate being sold to and the vast majority of your customers can sniff out a sales pitch from a mile away. It will turn them away from your page, and away from your services. 

Compelling copy positions the reader as the hero. Not only are you solving their problems, but they think they did the heavy lifting. Compelling and personalized copy constantly addresses and talks about your reader, not about your company. Writing in the second person (you, your, yours) is the best way to do this.

4. Be Specific

Keeping your landing page geared towards specific conversion goals will make your copy stronger and more concise. This will help your reader to clearly understand what you are offering, and how they can act on your offer.

Trying to pitch too many offers can confuse your readers. Your prospective customers will sprint from pain and hate being sold to, but they often enjoy buying things that will improve their life. But to make an informed and beneficial purchase, they want to know exactly what they are buying and how it will solve their problems. Specific copy accomplishes this goal.

5. Use Clear Calls to Action

So you’ve addressed your buyer directly, and you’ve positioned your product or service as the solution to their pain. You’ve stayed specific, compelling, and personalized in your copy, and you have geared your landing page towards a specific target audience. Now, comes the time to close.

As previously mentioned, despite hating the feeling of being sold to, most prospective buyers enjoy making purchases that they feel will significantly benefit their life. So once they see your company as a solution to their pain, they need clear instructions on how they can take action towards making a purchase.

Does this include scheduling a tour of your residential facility? Maybe scheduling a meeting with your sales team? Or maybe it’s as simple as them requesting additional information such as a brochure or other reading material that highlights the benefits of your services. Whatever the next step is, make sure it is clearly explained to your reader so they can take action.

Speaking of calls to action —  if you are in need of some expert advice for your journey towards creating high converting landing pages for your business, shoot us an email by clicking here or you can call our offices directly at 703-494-7888.


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