Posted in on July 16, 2018

Roundup: The Growing Popularity of Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments come in all shapes and sizes and offer unique opportunities for senior living developers and residents alike. In this month’s roundup, we take a look at some leading-edge trends for mixed-use communities and some of the opportunities and challenges that investors and developers face when undertaking such a project.

1. Urban Senior Development: Challenging, Yet Profitable

Urban areas present a number of interesting opportunities for senior living communities, including the development of mixed-use communities with senior living at the focus. For communities willing to navigate the “flaming hoops” of urban senior development, creating a place where seniors can have close access to all the places they’re accustomed to frequenting can be a profitable venture.

Find out more about navigating the challenges of urban senior housing development on Senior Housing News.

2. Investing in Mixed-Use Developments

U.S. construction spending reached an all-time seasonally adjusted annual high of $1.26 trillion last year according to Finance & Commerce, and mixed-use developments were said to account for a significant portion of that spending. Why are mixed-use developments so popular with developers, investors and consumers alike?

Find out more about the problems that mixed-use housing solves in this National Real Estate Investor article.

3. Creative Approaches to Mixed-Use Senior Living

While mixed-use properties are often formulaic, several senior living providers are thinking outside the box to deliver the best value to consumers while reaping business benefits.

See four unique approaches in this piece from Senior Housing News.

4. Positioning and Financing Mixed-Use Urban Communities

Since the mid-2000s, there has been a rise in popularity of mixed-use developments offering a metropolitan lifestyle within walkable communities. Mixed-use housing isn’t just popular with Millennials either; their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts are opting for the convenience offered by these developments as well.

In this article from Lancaster Pollard, see appealing examples of urban senior living communities and learn more about financing options.

5. The Next Wave in Senior Living

Mixed-use senior living developments are said to be the next wave in the industry — in beach communities, near college campuses and in the heart of urban centers — as seniors begin to favor a more urban retirement lifestyle. Why has living in mixed-use communities seen a sudden increase in popularity over the last decade, and which developments are setting the bar for what a mixed-use community should be?

Learn more on Senior Living Innovation Forum.

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