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Roundup: Senior Living Marketing News for Q4

As we head into the last quarter of the year, we’re rounding up the latest senior living marketing news and how industry professionals will be impacted. This month, we discuss Baby Boomer’s evolving online shopping habits, the rise of telehealth and more.

1. Senior Living Marketing News: Seniors Say They’ll Shop Online in the Post-Pandemic World

While Baby Boomers generally prefer shopping in stores, the pandemic has made it so they have to rely on online shopping for many of their needs. And according to MediaPost, 47% of Boomers say they’ll continue to shop online, even after the pandemic ends.

Read this MediaPost article to get the latest facts and figures related to Baby Boomers’ evolving online shopping habits.

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2. New Opportunities to Engage Boomer Shoppers Online

To build on the previous point of the increase in online shopping among Boomers, Alessandro Ricchiardi, Director of Marketing at VOLTN, highlighted ways in which grocery stores could engage older consumers online. Many of the insights he provided are applicable to the senior living and active adult/55+ industries as well. For example, bringing the in-person experience into their homes.

For detailed insights on how your business can engage Baby Boomers online, read Ricchiardi’s article on Forbes.

3. Telehealth the New Normal for Medical Care

We’re not surprised that telehealth visits have increased in the time since the beginning of the pandemic. The latest senior living marketnig news show that, while patients, especially Boomers, have been hesitant to use this newer form of doctor visits, safety concerns have made telehealth more viable. Now, people are expressing satisfaction with their telehealth experiences and appreciate the convenience it offers.

Learn more about telehealth and the role it’s expected to play moving forward in this Healio article.

4. Ad Recall Lower in Older Generations

We’ve heard older generations speak about how Millennials and Gen Z’ers have short attention spans, but is it really the other way around? A new study finds that the younger generations are actually better at ad recall than their older counterparts. This means marketers in the senior living and active adult/55+ industries will have to make sure their messages are strong and that they get their point across quickly.

Learn more in this article from Mobile Marketer.

5. Ageism in Media and Advertising

Even as professional marketers in the senior living and active adult/55+ industries, we have to be careful that we’re not being ageist in our marketing. What constitutes as ageism in marketing? Some of the leading marketers and aging experts gathered together for a virtual roundtable to discuss how to combat ageism in marketing.

Watch the full roundtable and learn more on MediaVillage.

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