Posted in on January 22, 2021

Top 4 Senior Living Trends for 2021

The new year brings new sales and marketing trends to keep an eye on. In our first blog post of the year, I’ve compiled four senior living trends for 2021 and what the experts have to say about how these trends may impact the industry in the coming months.

One of the key takeaways from this year is that, with the global pandemic still heavily impacting the business landscape, having a sound digital strategy will be the difference between communities that achieve their sales goals and communities that don’t.

Keep reading for further insights regarding expected senior living trends for 2021.

1. Digital-First Approach to Be Among Leading Senior Living Trends for 2021

Senior living sales and marketing strategies are officially digital-first. It’s a long-overdue change that sections of the industry weren’t fully ready to embrace until the Covid-19 pandemic pressured them to do so seemingly overnight.

With a prospect base that’s more tech-savvy than ever, as well as limitations to the in-person marketing opportunities have been so readily available in the past, senior living providers are expected to invest in more dynamic and interactive digital experiences to nurture potential residents through the sales journey. Expect the digital-first approach to be among the leading senior living trends for 2021.

Learn more in this article from Senior Housing News.

2. Live Chat Has the Potential to Capture New Leads

Prospects visit your website when they’re looking for answers. One of the expected senior living trends for 2021 is for communities to use live chat to direct prospects to the answers they’re looking for.

This blog post from Senior Living Pros provides insights about live chat and how communities can implement it to increase leads, tours and move-ins.

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3. Automation Among the Favored Senior Living Trends for 2021

This next trend is further proof that senior living trends for 2021 will lean heavily digital. Whispers about marketing automation in the senior living industry will become conversations as communities look for way to provide prospects with a more personalized digital experience.

Marketing automation offers opportunities for you to tailor prospects’ journies based on their interests and digital actions. While it’s not a set an forget tactic, it does allow you to deliver more targeted messages to prospects while saving more direct interactions for the point in the sales journey when they are considered warm/hot leads and are ready to have more in-depth conversations.

Senior Living Smart offers more information about marketing automation a recent blog post.

4. Senior Living Trends for 2021 Go Beyond Digital

Diversity and inclusivity were among the leading news stories for 2020 and are expected to be among the most important senior living trends for 2021. This year, providers face the challenge of catering to the needs of a growing aging population that is becoming increasingly diverse.

Care Window details the importance of senior living and care providers being able to serve the needs of an evolving customer base.

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